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Chua Khai Lin

The co-founder and CFO of Fundnel talks about her active involvement in marine preservation

Special Report

The Invisible Army

The sharing economy’s legion of employees is overhauling everything about your business and leisure, rendering the 21st century a hell of a time to be alive


Man And Machine

Karl-Friedrich Scheufele is in an enviable position where he enjoys his two passions: automobiles and watches

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    Man and Machine

    Chopard Mille Miglia

16 Nov

Making Faces

Design maven Mr. Yang Derong and his all-star collaborators are putting a face – quite literally –…

15 Nov

Sporty Living Room On Wheels

According to whom you talk to, the 2017 Rolls-Royce Wraith is most powerful and dynamic Rolls-Royce…

14 Nov

25 Gift Ideas From The Golden Pin Design Awards 2017

After a heated second-round selection that took place in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Taipei, 410…

8 Nov

Preservation Power to the People

Prof. Ho Puay-Peng elaborates on why the single answer to the question, ‘What is the value of restoration’,…

8 Nov

The Gift That Keeps Giving

When it opened its doors to the public in 2015, National Gallery Singapore was the perfect golden jubilee…

8 Nov

Architecture and CSR Going Hand in Hand

Architect Rita Soh expounds on the inevitability and importance of integrating social commitment to…

6 Nov

Road To Victory

McLaren Automotive is an unprecedented success story. Profitable since its third year of operation –…

2 Nov

From Personal to Virtual: Andrea De Cruz's New View…

Andrea De Cruz gets up close and personal with health issues that face busy individuals today through…

2 Nov

Exercise as Disease Fighters

Why and how you should plan an exercise regimen that will keep you free of illness

2 Nov

Feeding the Brain

Strong body equals strong mind, so approach your brain like you would a muscle


Gaurang Jhunjhnuwala

Portfolio's managing editor, Marc Almagro, speaks with Gaurang Jhunjhnuwala, the CEO of Naumi Hotels, Australia and New Zealand

Lim Choon Hong

Portfolio's managing editor, Marc Almagro, speaks with Lim Choon Hong, the founder and Managing Director of Xtra Designs Pte Ltd

Kelley Cheng - Part 1

Portfolio's managing editor, Marc Almagro, speaks with Kelley Cheng, the founder and Creative Director of The Press Room

Kelley Cheng - Part 2

Portfolio's managing editor, Marc Almagro, speaks with Kelley Cheng, the founder and Creative Director of The Press Room


What's In My Portfolio: Surya Jhunjhnuwala

Surya Jhunjhnuwala is the CEO and founder of Naumi Hotels


Off The Runway

For several years now, e-commerce has been the principal platform for fashion labels to sell their wares and connect to customers. Zilingo, which represents and champions small Asian fashion brands, is using advanced technology, particularly AI, to help vendors and customers find each other. AI is also at the heart of what Zumata, OANDA and Software AG are doing to gear up their businesses for the next level.



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