Wing Span

Developing the first concierge service for private aviation in Southeast Asia is the fulfillment of a goal for Ng Yeow Meng. Considering that he…


What's In My Portfolio: Cate Gutowski

GE is undergoing a major transformation from an industrial to an industrial digital company, and Cate Gutowski, VP for Commercial Digital Thread,…


Shooting For Keeps

Travel photographer Scott Woodward shares tips on capturing the perfect shot — anytime, anywhere


Portfolio Podcast: Scott Woodward

Scott Woodward, travel photographer and adventurer, shares with us his tips for travel photography, his experiences in North Korea, and his passion…


What's In My Portfolio: Edward Tan

Executive Director Edward Tan is helping diversify the Hong Seh Group portfolio with the development of Hong Seh Marine


What's In My Portfolio: Guillaume Levy - Lambert

Art collector, gallerist, and now artist Guillaume Levy-Lambert was an investment banker at BNP Paribas, and former Asia CEO of Publicis


What's In My Portfolio: Eugenia Gajardo

Eugenia Gajardo is a psychotherapist and visual artist


What's In My Portfolio: Christopher Wilson

Christopher Wilson, co-founder of Water and Healthcare Foundation, is also a financial adviser and tech venture investor


What's In My Portfolio: Dolores Au

Dolores Au is the CEO of VLV Pte Ltd and founder of


What's In My Portfolio: Eugenia Gajardo

Eugenia Gajardo is a psychotherapist and a visual artist


What's In My Portfolio: Chong Siak Ching

Chong Siak Ching became CEO of National Gallery Singapore in 2013; she was previously President and CEO of Ascendas.


What's In My Portfolio: Colin Seah

Colin Seah is the founder of Ministry of Design

What's In My Portfolio

What's In My Portfolio: Wendy Long

Meet private investor Wendy Long and discover the cherished, intangible contents of her portfolio


Finding the 'Secret Sauce'

Jungle Ventures is set to erase the notion that Asian entrepreneurs cannot build innovative, global businesses


Techfolio: Mapping Out Growth

Quest Ventures raises its success by working with companies that will retain their relevance across markets, and have demonstrable scalability and…


Techfolio: Doing the Good Thing

Fundnel is creating jobs, growing companies, and helping great ideas to flourish, and that is a good thing


Portfolio Podcast: Christopher Wilson

Christopher Wilson opens up about the Water & Healthcare Foundation's goals, activities, and partnerships


Techfolio: A Fine Balance

Marc Dragon’s faith in technology is well-established, but so is his inimitable way of looking after his people


Techfolio: The AI Whisperer

Who’s afraid of AI? Not Anna Gong, whose growing enterprise relies on the leading-edge technology to deliver its unique business service


Techfolio: Effective Inside and Out

Guided by business sustainability, software excellence, and social and economic justice, ThoughtWorks has brought amazing positive changes in the…


Techfolio: Gaming for Victory

An abiding focus on customer-centric innovations has won for Lenovo more than 60 accolades in the prestigious Consumer Electronics Show 2017 in Las…


Techfolio: Best in Categories

What excites V. R. Srivatsan about his work at Adobe? The opportunity to make a difference and have meaningful impact on customers and employees


Downtime: Yian Huang

Entrepreneur Yian Huang has a need for speed, which helps him unwind from the hectic work week that was


Insights: Su Anne Mi

Su Anne Mi, co-founder of The Great Room, reveals the top trends that are defining the business of co-working spaces


PORTFOLIO Magazine Brand Video

Watch our brand video to understand what PORTFOLIO Magazine is all about and what we have to offer.


Portfolio Podcast: Gaurang Jhunjhnuwala

Portfolio's managing editor, Marc Almagro, speaks with Gaurang Jhunjhnuwala, the CEO of Naumi Hotels, Australia and New Zealand


Portfolio Podcast: Kelley Cheng

Portfolio's managing editor, Marc Almagro, speaks with Kelley Cheng, the founder and Creative Director of The Press Room


Portfolio Podcast: Lim Choon Hong

Portfolio's managing editor, Marc Almagro, speaks with Lim Choon Hong, the founder and Managing Director of Xtra Designs Pte Ltd


Insights: Gaurang Jhunjhnuwala

Gaurang Jhunjhnuwala is the CEO of Naumi Hotels, Australia and New Zealand


What's In My Portfolio: Olga Iserlis

The ever-glamorous Olga Iserlis, the Creative Director of Events by Olga, gives us a peek at what's in her portfolio


What's In My Portfolio: Surya Jhunjhnuwala

Surya Jhunjhnuwala is the CEO and founder of Naumi Hotels


What's In My Portfolio: Su Anne Mi

Meet Su Anne Mi, co-founder of The Great Room, a co-working space based in Singapore

Design Instincts: Noden

Noden breathes new life to vintage Scandinavian furniture for the 21st century homeowner

Design Instincts: SHOUTEN by biro

Japanese products, tradition, and techniques take centre stage at SHOUTEN by biro

Design Instincts: Emporium of the Modern Man

The ultimate one-stop-shop for those who take design seriously


The Trailblazer

iSH introduced many Singaporeans to the concept of life-enhancing, high-minded design, turning it into something desirable and important. Its creator…


The Staple Ingredient

With four thoughtfully designed hotels under their self-created Naumi Hotels brand, Surya and Gaurang Jhunjhnuwala may have perfected the way to…


Premised On Passion

Entertaining and decorating have provided Wendy with hours of pleasure until she discovered a way to turn her passions into a business venture


The Sum of What You Have

A designer ponders the uneasy link between ownership and identity

Come Rain Or Shine

Lim Choon Hong, chief executive of Xtra Designs Pte Ltd, talks about weatherproofing his business


A Strong Suit

The COO and executive director of Nobel Design Group remains unfazed by widespread predictions of a slowdown


What's In My Portfolio: Jeffrey McCall

Jeffrey McCall is the Founder and Director of brand consulting firm Flânerie. Among its clients are Soori, Akar de Nissim and The Four Seasons Hotel

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