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Portfolio Podcast

Handing the Keys to Success

A female entrepreneur shares fresh views on providing for the needs of women to make it big in the STEM workplace

A collaboration between…

Portfolio Podcast

Bridging the Gap Between Promise and Performance

A leading serial IT entrepreneur has found a powerful way to help starting and transitioning professionals find their footing with relevant knowledge…

Portfolio Podcast

National Recovery and the Digital Solution

A leading ICT player in Myanmar explains how the sector became a vital tool in the country’s survival during the pandemic, and how it will continue…

Reimagining The Modern Home

Guocoland redefines the home for modern families in a series of new launches

Rebel Yell

Kenny Powar walks me through the Rebel Owl process of challenging business as usual and transforming ideas into innovative solutions

Gunning for Net Zero

Terrascope is an end-to-end decarbonization platform that empowers corporates to decarbonize their operations, supply chains, and portfolios effectively

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Racing Against Time

How Sudhir Agarwal and his team at Everise, a technology-enabled outsourcing firm, applied the accumulated company expertise to survive the pandemic

Portfolio Podcast

Tech Leader Advocates for STEM Education and Career for Women

Early exposure of girls to STEM helps them understand opportunities available to them

Portfolio Podcast: Rasmus Markholt

Mr. Rasmus Markholt, Product & Design Director at Louis Poulsen, talks about the premier brand's updated iconic designs and new product collaborations

Portfolio Podcast

The Test of Truthfulness in the Age of Sponsored Content

When it comes to delivering the message for their clients, how far will PR companies go?

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Brands That Stand Up for a Cause: Business Boon or Bane?

How involved in social issues do brands need to be? Is it better to keep a safe distance or get up close and personal?

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Brand Building in Digital Media: New Approach or Tried and Tested?

How does a brand stand out with the competition in such a saturated market? Is it better to take a new and novel approach or stick to more tried…

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Welcome to the New Age of PR - Now What?

We kick off the Round Table Discussion by figuring out the state the public relations industry is in and the notable changes each expert has encountered…

Portfolio Podcast

Portfolio Podcast: Scott Woodward

Scott Woodward, travel photographer and adventurer, shares with us his tips for travel photography, his experiences in North Korea, and his passion…

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Portfolio Podcast: Christopher Wilson

Christopher Wilson opens up about the Water & Healthcare Foundation's goals, activities, and partnerships

Portfolio Podcast

Portfolio Podcast: Gaurang Jhunjhnuwala

Portfolio's managing editor, Marc Almagro, speaks with Gaurang Jhunjhnuwala, the CEO of Naumi Hotels, Australia and New Zealand

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Portfolio Podcast: Kelley Cheng

Portfolio's managing editor, Marc Almagro, speaks with Kelley Cheng, the founder and Creative Director of The Press Room

Portfolio Podcast

Portfolio Podcast: Lim Choon Hong

Portfolio's managing editor, Marc Almagro, speaks with Lim Choon Hong, the founder and Managing Director of Xtra Designs Pte Ltd