A Feast for the Senses in Western Australia

Special Feature by UOB Travel
10 Jul 2023

Whether it's an indulgent wining and dining escapade or a hands-on culinary experience, these special Western Australia tours with UOB Travel are sure to fuel your wanderlust — and appetite.

A trip to Western Australia is able to satisfy the cravings of various travelers. For urbanites, there's the familiarity of Perth, which is perfect for those who love exploring cities for cool cafes, shopping, and culture. 

Western Australia also meets every bon vivant's whims and fancies. Beyond various museums, you can navigate through heritage buildings and cultural centers, or make your way to an art show or performance. For a more enriching and educational experience, you can also consider an Aboriginal tour, which allows you to see Western Australia through the eyes of indigenous people. 

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Those who want to venture beyond the city and reconnect with nature are treated to nearby escapes that are known for otherworldly landscapes and dreamy beaches.

Western Australia also boasts eight wine regions worth exploring, all of which are known for their pure, pastoral surroundings, resulting in world-class wines with unique characteristics. A great place to start is Margaret River, where the coast and forest meet, lending it the perfect climate for viticulture. For those looking for the ultimate wine trail experience, consider traversing Perth Hills and Peel, Backwood Valley, Southern Forests, and Great Southern regions. 

In addition to vineyards, the region is an exciting place for outdoor adventures, where places of interest range from national parks and mysterious caves to coastal locales and lush forests.


A Gourmet Wonderland

Meanwhile, there's also something for gourmet afficionados who want to explore the heart of the country for unique experiences that involve getting up close and personal with produce, memorable dining experiences, and meeting the people who make it all happen. 

UOB Travel curates unforgettable adventures that shine the light differently on the Australia you thought you knew. What's more, a dedicated UOB Travel Concierge will ensure that your trip goes exactly the way you want it to. 

For a not-your-typical Western Australia holiday, enjoy an enchanting and indulgent escape to Margaret River (from S$5,715/person), where wining and dining takes center stage, all while soaking in the region's French influence.

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Begin the magical four-night experience on a high note as you check into a luxury accommodation in one of Margaret River’s most private estates, where all meals and beverages will be taken care of. On your stay, you’ll be looked after Earn Your Vino’s award-winning private chef, Mel Kokoti.

Photo courtesy of Tourism Australia

You'll also get to further enjoy the idyllic days here by exploring classic Bordeaux wine varietals, such as Chardonnay and Cabernet, with Clive Otto of Fraser Gallop, as well as exploring back vintages in a vertical tasting of his iconic wines. If you want to explore the differences between Rhone Valley’s Syrah and Margaret River’s Shiraz, you’ll be able to do so under the guidance of Domaine Naturaliste’s winemaker and Syrah aficionado, Bruce Dukes. For a taste of bubbly, look forward to Howard Park Wines, which is the home to the Marchand & Burch collection of Champagne and Cremant.

In addition to all the tipples, complete the tour with a hands-on patisserie class at Maison Lassiaille, as well as leisurely time at Bistro Breton for crêpes and cider. 


Unearthing Culinary Delights

Photo courtesy of Tourism Australia

Another themed tour lets you go on a deep dive into the culinary wonders of Pemberton in Western Australia (from S$5,788/person), where luxurious delights are waiting to be unearthed and discovered.

Start by checking into a luxury accommodation at Pemberton’s private truffle estate, where Cassandra Mel Kokotiis, your private chef, takes care of your meals and wine pairings for the duration of your stay.

Photo courtesy of Tourism Western Australia

You’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors on this trip, but you’ll be doing it in style and with great indulgence. Get ready to experience activities like morning truffle hunts with the owner and operator of StonebarnTrufferie, hands-on honey tasting and experience at Pemberton Honey Co., as well as a wondrous half-day hike through Karri Forest, which ends with a rustic lunch.

Wine experiences are aplenty too, starting with an afternoon with either Picardy’s owner and winemaker Dan Pannell or the Radomiljac family in the picturesque vineyards of Pemberley of Pemberton. There’s also the Pinot Noir masterclass to look forward to, followed by a decadent wintery feast, as well as a wine tasting that’s complemented by a truffle gala dinner.


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