A Gentleman's Ride

05 Aug 2020

Years behind the wheel of various top of the range cars have given Mr. Wong Joo Wan a feel for performance, speed, and discipline – qualities that he finds are amplified in the Aston Martin DB11

I have always loved cars,” declares Mr. Wong Joo Wan as he sits down after taking the Aston Martin DB11 for a spin. “It probably began in the 1980s when my Dad and I would drive out to Malaysia, and he would teach me the other aspects of driving such as observing and anticipating the actions of other drivers on the road,” the founder and director of business advisory and accounting firm, Alternative Advisors, reminisces. From those drives he learned to appreciate performance and speed, and more importantly, responsibility and discipline on the road.

Mr. Wong volunteers that the Aston Martin brand is not new to him. “I owned a 2009 Aston Martin DBS.” He adds that he had very good memories of driving it. “However, I find that the newer model, the DB11, has a lot more to offer. Take the styling, for instance – it is simply breathtaking; it is very refined. I must say it offers the balance that I seek.”

Mr. Wong waxes lyrical about the creaminess of the throttle. “By gently increasing the speed, it doesn’t garner any sense of turbo lag. I am very pleasantly surprised by this because I expect some significant lag from the engine response.” This is a testament to how well built the twin-turbocharged V8 engine is, and how well it harmonizes with the eight-speed ZF automatic transmission. This eliminates the need for a dual-clutch transmission, which is heavier and more expensive to maintain.

As he admits to being “a relaxed driver”, the handling of the DB11 suits Mr. Wong’s requirements perfectly. “I enjoy the drive more than just getting from one point to another quickly. That said, I believe everyone can have an aggressive streak in them. Speeds in excess of 200kmh don’t scare me, but I temper that with the responsibility of being behind the wheels of a car going that fast.”

But he returns to the styling once again. “It is actually so much more subtle looking than the DBS that I once owned.” The interior is another aspect that catches his eye. “It is simple yet elegant, and with just a hint of nostalgia. The design of the center console reminds me of the DBS which had the easy-to-operate drive train buttons. The interior of the car must have a pleasing combination of design and colors. This is very important because for the driver this is where the driving takes place, especially when covering long distances.”

“The DB11 is polished; the handling is superb, and the suspension wonderful,” he continues. “In layman’s terms, it packs a punch and yet is extremely elegant.”

Given his age group and personality, Mr. Wong readily admits that he is done with the hard drive, the quick acceleration, and the hard braking. “Nowadays, I rather enjoy the comforts of the car balanced with the performance.

“It is about the overall package of the cars. From the way it handles, the power, the safety, styling and engineering. Having owned various cars and remembering the lessons that my father taught me, I realize how nothing is gained by reckless encounters.” Drive the car slowly, he advises, so that others can appreciate its beauty.

“Nowadays, I enjoy the pleasures of sitting behind the wheel of a beautifully crafted car. I appreciate it from the stance to the styling, handing, safety, and all the way to the technology.”

Does it satisfy his discerning taste? “I love the fact that the car is so polished. It is truly a gentlemen’s car; it is not for the boy racer, even if that is what you see. The craftsmanship of the DB11 is commendable.”

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