A Hästens Bed is the Stuff of Dreams

by Katherine Arteche
02 Dec 2022

In celebrating 170 years of heritage, we talk to fifth-generation owner, Jan Ryde, on the new drēmər launch and Hästens' brand evolution.

When I first encountered Hästens, it was through this article from two years ago that detailed the extravagant customisations of Canadian artiste Drake’s Grand Vividus mattress. The luxury Swedish brand is reputable for its meticulously hand-crafted beds made from wool, cotton, and horsehair, where Drake’s sits atop a solid base of upholstered, debossed check-pattern nubuck with gold brass detailing.

The headboard alone is accented with antique mirror and channel-tufted leather, with a whiskey-and-­champagne bar on the reverse side — a bed built on wildest dreams. This year marks the brand’s 170th anniversary and introduces the next chapter of the Hästens story with the launch of the drēmər (pronounced “dreamer”) bed. 

Drake’s Grand Vividus mattress, complete with stingray leather accent and all.

What was the concept going into the drēmər, and how does it compare to the Grand Vividus?

Jan Ryde: The drēmər bed combines the world's finest craftsmanship and materials with artistry and ultra-luxury. This bed is more than just a bed, it tells a story.

Every artistic detail was designed with purpose, including the hand-stitched contrast piping, the handwoven monogram fabrics (available in four colorways), and the open piped corner details. The taller, broader, and more powerful bed base provides optimal comfort and sleeping quality; the drēmər bed is one of Hästens' most luxurious beds to date.

The Grand Vividus, like the drēmər bed, is a celebration of art and science. Hästens' saddle-making history inspired the design and the precious materials, and the luxurious bed frame features leathers, bronze studs, exotic stingray hides, and exclusive handwoven monogram fabrics.

It is a work of art and the ultimate in luxury living.

The new Hästens drēmər bed

You’ve worked with designer Ferris Rafauli before. How did this partnership come about?

We have known Ferris Rafauli for many years and appreciate his commitment to uncompromising quality. We teamed up with Ferris Rafauli in 2020 on the Grand Vividus, which has since become one of the world's most luxurious and masterfully crafted beds.

Working with Ferris again on the drēmər bed has been a sheer joy. Ferris shares our commitment to uncompromising quality, and I believe there is no one who better understands both the mastery and spirit of Hästens.

The Hästens signature check pattern

There can only be so many times to refine a product that has been mastered over the course of almost two centuries. What details do you focus on when you begin working on new launches such as the drēmər?

Product development is crucial for us. We have to improve and innovate constantly.

From a family standpoint, we are guardians of mastery and tradition. Just like my parents, grandfather, and great-grandfather, we are on a never-ending quest to provide greater and greater quality and value to serve our customers better and better.

Our number one focus and priority is to provide our customers with the best sleep experience in the world.

Early beginnings: Six generations of master craftsmen have lead Hästens to where it is now—a family company still driven by the virtues of sleep and humble pride over its craft.

2022 marks 170 years of heritage for the brand. How has the brand evolved over the years? 

When I joined the family business, the company was much smaller, and our beds were only available in Sweden. However, I saw just how much our customers appreciated and benefited from our beds.

At the time of speaking, our beds are available in 48 countries, and we are growing faster than ever before. 

Meticulously handbuilt by our master craftsmen in Köping, Sweden, all Hästens beds, including the drēmər bed, use only the finest materials. They are free of chemicals, free of electricity, and free of any harmful substances.

Every Hästens bed draws upon traditional techniques that have been honed and handed down for over 170 years to provide ultimate quality and comfort. Hästens offers superior handcrafted sleep quality, and I believe that this is the enduring appeal of our amazing beds.

Talk to us about the future of Hästens. The preservation of the business through six generations is no small feat. How do you discern what to preserve and introduce?

We have to improve and innovate constantly. From a family standpoint, we are guardians of mastery and our traditions of craftsmanship.

Like all earlier generations of Hästens, my sons and I are on a never-ending quest to provide greater and greater quality and value to serve our customers better. Our number one focus and priority is to keep the mastery alive and give them the best sleep experiences in the world.

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