A Journey of Rediscovery

Photography by Chino Sardea
13 Jul 2017

Geraldine Dreiser is Vice-President for Marketing at YTL Hotels

At YTL we believe in a new definition of luxury – one that transcends all preconceptions and takes guests on an experiential journey of rediscovery. We have over 30 properties around the world, from Japan to China, Malaysia, and the United Kingdom, allowing us to observe the top trends in luxury hotel space.

Among the top trends is the increased personalization of the needs of luxury travelers. Before they arrive, guests expect us to know their favorite coffee or even their favorite pillow. We respond to this trend by building a Singapore-dedicated Internet portal where Singaporeans share their preferences, book their stay at one of our hotels, as well as their flights.

Travelers want to give back to the community during their holiday. They want to experience and learn more about the local culture and environment they are in. A unique experience that they will find at one of our resorts – Gaya Island Resort – is learning about its wildlife. We have the Gaya Island Marine Centre with a dedicated marine biologist who takes guests on a scuba diving or snorkeling trip around the resort. At Tanjong Jara Resort, we work with the Lang Tengah Turtle Watch to give guests an opportunity to adopt a ‘nest’ and preserve the turtle eggs that are laid right along our beach. Our guests have the chance to see these little turtle hatchlings make their way to the ocean to begin a new life.

In the past people would go on a holiday to indulge – to indulge in food or in anything that a hotel has to offer. We have been seeing a reversal of this trend. Luxury travelers are a lot more focused on wellness, and they take every opportunity to engage in activities that are geared towards their health and wellbeing. Our very own spa brand, Spa Village, can be seen in many of our hotels and resorts. Spa Village is about honoring the spa traditions of the region. One of my personal favorites is at Spa Village Resort Tembok Bali, where a bit of spa regime everyday leaves me refreshed and ready to hit home to tackle the challenges of the urban life.

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