A New Approach to Opulence and Simplicity with SieMatic Mondial

03 Oct 2023

SieMatic's contemporary luxury kitchen concept gives customers the opportunity to express themselves with the greatest possible degree of individuality.

Founded in 1929 in Germany as August Siekmann Möbelwerke, SieMatic is today a globally known luxury brand.

The SieMatic 6006 and SieMatic SL are still seen as iconic in the history of kitchens, thanks to their revolutionary design and high level of functionality.

The company has now shifted to holistic interior design concepts which are continually setting new standards in aesthetics, individuality and functionality. The latest examples are the SieMatic SLX, an elegant new interpretation of the handle-free kitchen, and the new SieMatic Mondial style world.

Newly interpreted luxury

The expressive design of SieMatic Mondial speaks a minimalist, modern and geometric language of form without traditional ornamentation and stylistics. 

Furthermore, the interplay of material, form and colour gives the kitchen an extraordinary presence while allowing a synergy with the surrounding architecture.

Perfect symbiosis of space and kitchen

The SieMatic Mondial's combination of extravagant natural materials creates an impressive visual and tactile experience. Every detail celebrates master craftsmanship, demonstrates deep appreciation for the highest quality and is a testament to the pursuit of ultimate perfection.

A sculpture of expression and reduction

Precious natural stones and exquisite natural woods have rarely been so expressively integrated into the architectural staging of a kitchen. The combination of rectilinear geometry with semicircles and a finely balanced balance of filigree with solid elements reveals a sculptural quality of extraordinary presence and highest value.

The perfect semicircle of the extraordinarily solid worktop in mystical dark quartzite seems to float above the delicate cabinets with their fragile-looking glass fronts. 

The smooth, striking Grigio Carnico limestone used for the island unit and generous wall facing emphasises the precise geometry of the new profiled cabinet fronts in flamed travertine oak.

The StoneDesign monoblock captivates in its central location, encased on all four sides with 30 mm natural stone. Protruding asymmetrically, a circular bar rests as a sandwich structure on the island. The table leg and base in striped travertine oak support a 12 mm overlay in White Fantasy quartzite. The extra thick countertop of the sink unit, the niche cladding and the new dominant kitchen shelf, all in the same quartzite, create a stark contrast to the dark limestone.

Tall cabinets left and right of the base cabinets and designed to reach to the ceiling lend a fresh accent in velvet matt grey-violet – one of 1,950 shades within the SieMatic Colour System – and provide extensive storage without dominating the room. Positioned centrally on the far wall, the new SLX glass cabinet with fluted glass and an anodised matt black frame brings emphasis to the longitudinal axis. Cuboidal drawers fixed to the back wall of the glass cabinet and cupboards above it continue the matt black theme.

The new, striking profiled fronts of the base and wall cabinets are available in flamed travertine oak, flamed hazel brown oak and flamed matt black oak. In combination with an outstanding range of SieMatic materials and types, as well as 1,950 special shades in high gloss and velvet matt, new fronts with genuine aluminium overlay, new wooden fronts with vivid veneers, and new natural stones, the scope for planning individual interior design concepts for the kitchen is limitless.

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