A New Way of Listening With Mark Levinson

by Portfolio Magazine
02 Feb 2022

The brand, which was once beloved by staunch audiophiles who listened to music exclusively in their living room or car, can now experience Mark Levinson quality on the go with the new No5909 headphones.

Listen up, music lovers. Mark Levinson, the renowned luxury audio brand, proudly introduces the No5909, a new, high-resolution wireless Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation headphone. What's more, it's the first portable offering from the brand, which is known for its standard-setting premium home and car audio sound systems. 

With the introduction of the Mark Levinson No5909 headphone, music afficionados with a deep passion for high-fidelity audio can now take their listening experience on the go, beyond the confines of the living room or their car. 

The details and nuances that have propelled Mark Levinson's reference sound for almost five decades were inspirations in designing the new headphones, allowing music enthusiasts on the go to unlock a new layer of sound with the clarity that inspired it — whether it's the slightest breath an artist takes before belting out the song's chorus or a subtly hidden harmony that makes one feel like they're listening to a song for the first time. 

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In addition to audio quality, the Mark Levinson No5909 is a standout in other areas too. It's the perfect packable headphone for inquisitive travellers and audiophiles. The sophisticated wireless headphone also stays connected to entertainment for longer durations of time with up to 34 hours of playback time and 30 hours with the Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation feature switched on. 

Crafted with luxurious comfort in mind, the headphone is constructed with premium materials including core aluminum components, a leather headband, and replaceable leather ear cushions that ensure listening enjoyment for years to come. Each headphone also comes with an accompanying hard-shell carrying case that allows for cable and airplane adaptor storage as well. 

Other features to keep an eye out for in the No5909 include Bluetooth 5.1 technology with LDAC, AAC, and aptX, a four-microphone array with Smart Wind Adaption for crystal clear phone calls, Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation with three modes for premium sound isolation, and Ambient Aware for situational awareness in one's surroundings. 

According to Jim Garrett, Senior Director, Product Strategy and Planning, HARMAN Luxury Audio, "The No5909 headphones are the first Mark Levinson product designed for the luxury, on-the-go lifestyle. The combination of reference-quality sound, best-in-class features, beautiful design, luxury build and comfort raises the bar for the wireless headphones category." 

The Mark Levinson No5909 (MSRP $1499) will be exclusively available at CLARITY from April 2022 in Pearl Blac, Ice Pewter, and Radiant Red. 

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