A Space for All with Cesar

by Alfonso Pereira
12 Dec 2023

Cesar understands that a kitchen is more than just a space for cooking – it is a place for endless possibilities.

The Cesar brand’s rationale is simple – to make kitchens for people’s comfort. The kitchen is a place akin to a research laboratory, and at the same time, is a place for the soul – where both reason and emotion call home. At the center of this microcosm are people and their daily needs, while their well-being is Cesar’s top priority.

Setting the brand apart is its “Made in Italy” distinction, which is synonymous to quality and style, and is also an internationally recognized barometer for excellence. Each Cesar piece produced at the production plant in Pramaggiore, near Venice, is infused with craftsmanship, skill, experience, and care – right down to the smallest detail.

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Maxima 2.2: Made to Adapt

The Maxima 2.2 system, designed by R&D Cesar, takes on a more diplomatic approach to outfitting kitchens and spaces, guided by key words like boundless, classical, harmonious, and configured. It is truly a creatively designed system that cements Cesar’s expertise in uniqueness and cross-functionality.

Maxima 2.2 boasts over 100 finishes, ensuring that there is something for everyone. With its various opening methods, the system is a worthwhile addition to the modern home, which meets modularity, technological details, and flexibility requirements without compromising on the attention to materials in all layouts.

Because of its endless customization options, expect a wealth of materials, colors, finishes, and surface treatments. With a design system comprised of separate units, the Maxima 2.2 can also be combined with other collections without compromising on style consistency. Finally, with its wide variety of solutions, homeowners are guaranteed the perfect fitting for every budget. From something affordable to the most exclusive, everyone is guaranteed design excellence that only Cesar can provide.


The 50’s: For Kitchens and Beyond

Another Cesar system worth shining the spotlight on is The 50’s, a modern interpretation of bookshelves and storage systems from the namesake decade. Designed by García Cumini, the system can integrate and link different environments in the home – it can be outfitted for the kitchen or living room, or even combine the different functions.

The wall system is versatile and elegant, offering real design freedom. It features vertical struts that are affixed from floor to wall or from floor to ceiling and are made to measure. It also has an integrated lighting system inside the aluminum struts, allowing it to stand out. Lighting can be adjusted to reveal an interplay of light and shadows. What’s more, The 50’s permits small appliance, oven, and wine cellar installations, as well as compartments for kitchen components like open and closed storage areas.

Cesar is available and on display at XTRA. For more information, visit or visit XTRA’s showroom located at 6 Raffles Boulevard, #02-48 Marina Square, Singapore 039594