An Activity, Not A Place

30 Apr 2020

Mr. Amit Midha, President, Asia Pacific, Japan and Global Digital Cities, Dell Technologies

Working from home has become the new normal. At Dell Technologies, we have been living aspects of this ‘normal’ for over a decade with our Connected Workplace Policy and Program.

We believe that work is an activity and not a place. We have a long history of investing in a flexible work environment to empower our team members to work where, how and when they are most productive, to support them with innovative technology and solutions.

Distance does not mean isolation. During times like this, communication between teams makes all the difference. Hence, we encourage the use of video calls to connect with each other, and run efficient meetings as usual, while working from home.

Show leadership in an online environment. Team leaders must show readiness and an ability to lead in an online environment as this showcases leadership qualities and provides a sense of confidence to team members.

Security is of the utmost importance. With homes now turning into offices, organizations should be mindful of their business security and be ready with the right kind of devices and solutions.

Every organization may use a different type of VPN software to allow their employees to connect to their business network. In addition, organizations need to educate employees on safe connectivity, as an unsecure WiFi network leaves one vulnerable to hackers to stealing sensitive personal information or work data.

Set up realistic targets. We are now faced with the unique challenge of implementing remote work arrangements in an efficient manner.

This means organizations are faced with challenges like enabling critical workers who need powerful workstations or handle highly sensitive information, extending security profiles to new locations, and ensuring optimal network performance. In every household, there are now multiple people tapping on the same Internet bandwidth across different devices, potentially affecting the productivity of workers.

Focus. When we think of working remotely, we often paint an ideal scenario of successful people juggling the multiple hats they wear. However, from my conversations with my peers, multi-tasking is not always a good idea.

Now, parents and young adults are faced with more tasks as they manage work and online meetings while looking after their young ones or elders at home. To support this transition and journey to creating a robust digital future, I believe organizations across industries should focus on investing in emerging technologies and adopting a data-first mindset.