Borneo Motors Singapore and SP Group are Driving Innovation

by Portfolio Magazine
19 Sep 2022

Borneo Motors Singapore (BMS) and SP Group (SP), a leading utilities group and sustainable energy solutions provider in Asia Pacific, have joined forces to pilot Singapore’s inaugural electric car-sharing program in Tengah, the city-state’s first integrated smart energy town. The pilot scheme is expected to be rolled out as early as June 2023.

Jasmmine Wong, CEO of Inchcape Singapore and Greater China and Stanley Huang, Group CEO, SP Group

The Memorandum of Understanding between BMS and SP aims to accelerate Singapore’s transition to green mobility by providing a range of schemes for electrified car-sharing and car-leasing over the next five years. Supported by SP’s largest public, fast-charging electric vehicle charging network across the island with more than 535 charging points across 135 locations, BMS will offer drivers a full range of electrified vehicles to ensure drivers have options to reduce their transport-related carbon footprint to complement their lifestyle and mobility needs. In addition, both companies will explore other sustainable mobility solutions to support the adoption of electrified vehicles in Tengah and beyond.

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How It Works

The vehicle-sharing pilot will feature up to eight electrified vehicle models from BMS – including hybrid, plug-in hybrid, battery electric, and other energy efficient vehicles. To book a vehicle, Tengah residents will need to download and log in to the SP App, which will be integrated with the KINTO Share app, a self-service concept that offers an on-demand, car sharing service (subject to regulatory approval) that will allow users to book and pay for the vehicle of their choice.

In addition, the SP App also allows drivers to locate the nearest charging point so they can easily charge the vehicle, track the charging progress, and make payments. Tengah residents will also get to enjoy preferential rental and charging rates, which aims to encourage trial and adoption of electrified vehicles.

“With this initiative, we combine our expertise in electrified vehicles with SP Group’s eco charging solutions to embark on a significant step in steering the nation towards a more responsible and sustainable way of living. This is a giant leap not only for the industry, but for the entire ecosystem which we are honored to be leading,” shared Jasmmine Wong, CEO of Inchcape Singapore and Greater China.

Stanley Huang, Group CEO, SP Group, added, “We are enabling a clean energy future for Tengah by integrating our comprehensive suite of smart and sustainable energy solutions across the township. Our partnership with Borneo Motors Singapore aims to accelerate the growth of green mobility for residents, offering them accessibility, convenience, and reliability through our EV fast-charging network.”


More Than Just Car Sharing

This highly anticipated program goes beyond electric vehicles as well. The partnership between BMS and SP will see the creation of an Innovation and Experience Centre within Tengah, which aims to provide education and awareness on the future of mobility to encourage adoption of electrified vehicles. At the first-of-its-kind center, gamification and interactive activities will allow guests to experience different pathways to decarbonization through electrification. It also promotes safer driving habits and cost-saving through energy efficiency.

BMS and SP will also collaborate on electrification research involving data collection and analysis on a range of factors. These include driving patterns, electrified vehicle consumption patterns, and electrified vehicle preferences. Through the data collected, both organizations aim to better understand user behavior, as well as anticipate evolving demands to optimize future e-mobility programs for residents. The data will then be translated into actionable insights to encourage energy-efficient and safer driving habits.