Botanical Revolution

by Anton D. Javier
22 Mar 2017

With more people choosing to live in apartments and towering condos, a new generation of urban farmers and botanical enthusiasts are teaching homeowners how to bring the outdoors in — in style. Here are the best books to help you get started.

The world is changing rapidly and the way people choose to live — and in what type of home — is changing along with it. In Singapore alone, a survey by the Department of Statistics shows that more Singaporeans now live in towering condos that promise convenience and style. However, these downsized dwellings lack personal garden space, which is why savvy residents are bringing the indoors in. This trend has culminated in three outstanding books that talk about styling, caring and showcasing plants indoors.


By Rose Ray and Caro Langton

Focusing on three plants currently on trend (but not limited to them) — succulents, cacti and tillandsias — House of Plants is an inspiring read that’s complemented by dramatic photography and styling. In addition to indispensible care tips, the book also features stylish DIY projects, personal stories, as well as a section dedicated to popular houseplants and their corresponding care instructions.


By Bree Claffey

With regards to content, Indoor Green is the most in-depth. We find Bree Claffey, owner of Melbourne’s popular Mr Kitly boutique, traveling across Australia, around the US and throughout Japan to bring us inspiring stories and photographs of how people around the world use the power of flora to transform their spaces. The book is also peppered with interesting plant stories, facts and care tips for a holistic read


By Igor Josifovic and Judith de Graff

Urban Jungle takes its readers to five countries across Europe — from France to Turkey — for a dose of green inspiration through home tours, expert plant styling tips, plant portraits and botanical illustrations by young artists. The book was written by Igor Josifovic and Judith de Graff, founders of, and features lush, vibrant photographs captured by Lina Skukauské.