Busy As Usual

27 Jul 2020

Her days are packed full with work and family commitments, but wellness coach and businesswoman Lilian Tan does not break her stride with the Lexus NX Hybrid

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Ms. Lilian Bleakley bought her Lexus NX Hybrid in mid-2018 to be her all-around car. As a young mother, she leads an active life taking her twin boys around, running everyday errands, and even doing her business on the side as Thermomix adviser.

“What attracted me to Lexus were the safety features,” Lilian says. “It is also an all-wheel-drive, but an easy one to handle, and it has a dynamic design.”

Last but not least, she adds, the car has a hybrid system that runs on a combination of a 2.5-liter gasoline engine and electric power. The main advantage of this system is that it consumes less fuel and emits less carbon dioxide than a conventional petrol engine car. “I chose the NX hybrid model, as opposed to one that runs on gasoline, because it is environment friendly and fuel-efficient” she explains. “My husband and I can tell all our children someday that we did our part in reducing carbon emission.” She also said that getting to use the green lots at some of the malls is also a welcome convenience.

  • Lexus Safety System+
    The Lexus Safety System+ possesses a range of active safety and driver assistance features. It includes a Pre-Collision System, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, and Lane Departure Alert & Lane Tracing Assist to ensure that your journey will always be safe for you, your family, and other road users.
  • Hybrid System
    The Lexus Hybrid Drive intelligently combines the power of a highly-efficient 2.5-liter gasoline engine with electric power from a high-output motor for dynamic driving and exceptional environmental performance.
  • Luggage Space & Power Folding Seats
    The ample luggage space highlights the practical, smart design of the cabin. The back door opens wide for easy access to a flexible space that can accommodate an assortment of luggage without inconveniencing the rear seat passengers. The rear seats recline at the touch of a button located on the side of each. They also turn flat or upright with switches in the rear seats, luggage space, and the instrument panel on the driver’s side.
  • Hands-free Power Back Door
    Opening and closing the car's back door makes loading and unloading items in the luggage space easy with the Hands-free Power Back Door. One can simply approach the vehicle with the key in your pocket or bag and move a foot beneath the rear bumper to open or close the back door.
  • Ergonomic Luxury
    ‘Omotenashi’, a concept associated with Japanese hospitality, imbues the interior with convenience and ease of use. Assembled in the ergonomic center console are the climate control panel and the analogue clock, among others, which gives off a luxurious feel.
  • Small Yet Special
    The six-bottle holders in the cabin ensure there’s a spot for everyone on board to keep their drinks. Those for the driver and the front-seat passenger are lined with an elastomer that prevents bottles from twisting while the cap is being removed or replaced, allowing the user to twist the cap with just one hand. The durable elastomer liners are removable and washable.
  • Sunglasses Holder
    Conveniently placed under the palm rest is the sunglasses holder with a removable magnetic lid that can be stored in the center console. The flocked walls of the holder protect sunglasses from scrapes.
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Lilian describes herself as a relaxed and cautious driver, which helps as she is on the road a lot. “I drive this car every day, and I take it everywhere. But I love driving to the airport most because my twin boys like to look up through the panoramic glass roof and watch as airplanes zoom past us overhead.”

With a wide range of convenient features, the NX Hybrid leaves Lilian with little to ask for. “My NX has keyless access, a hands-free power backdoor, and power-folding rear seats. It also has a blind spot monitor that alerts me when I come close to another moving vehicle.” Even when maneuvering in tight spaces, especially when parking, it becomes effortless. “When I do, the parking assist feature helps ease me into the space,” she boasts.

“What do I like best about this car? It’s hard for me to choose one — because I appreciate all the thoughtful details that were put into building this car. The front row seats can be cooled on sunny days, while the spacious boot allows me to transport bulky items and deliver goods to my customers.

“If I must really choose one, I would say that I love how it looks. But if I were to recommend this car to family and friends, I would naturally highlight the ease of use, the fuel efficiency, and of course, the eight airbags.”