Democratizing Premium Furniture

by Isabella Lappe
Photos courtesy of Castlery
17 Jul 2017

Trim the fat, bring on the talent, and what you get is an impressive furniture collection at unbelievable prices

Singaporean online furniture retailer, Castlery, has one goal: To fundamentally change the furniture industry by making quality designer pieces available to all. The team at Castlery has identified that middlemen costs drive prices insanely high, and thus, aims to cut out as many of these as possible, and instead, take a great part of the production of the pieces into their own hands.


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In addition to competitively priced pieces, the company’s latest venture, Castlery feat., has evolved to become the largest furniture designer collaboration series that Singapore has seen thus far, with partnerships between six international award-winning design houses.

This collaboration with designers like Clara del Portillo and Alex Selma, Paolo Cappello, James Harrison, Phil Proctor, Charles Wilson, and Krystian Kowalski resulted in six collections that bring together luxury and accessibility. On the style front, Castlery feat. features an assortment of offerings, from pieces inspired by different materials and modernism to those focused on simplicity and the adaptability within a Singaporean home.

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What’s more, Castlery gave the designers the freedom they needed, thanks to its fully integrated supply chain and Enterprise Resource Planning system, making the realization of designs a lot more efficient. The company has successfully allowed top designers to reinvent themselves and make their work available for a wider audience that prioritizes both design and affordability.

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