Digital Connection

by Li Haohan
22 Aug 2020

Entrepreneur Yian Huang brought his passion online with a podcast series that delves deep into human connections

“Human connections have always fascinated me,” reveals Yian Huang, CFO of The Great Room Offices, who has been exploring the theme ‘intimate moments’ for over a decade as a professional photographer. Hosting a podcast, he explains, “is the next logical step”. When the circuit breaker left him with enough time in his hands, he created the digital iteration of his passion, and The Intimate Moments podcast was born. “It challenged me to transition online – a mammoth task that I truly enjoyed.”

The Intimate Moment is a series of “soulful conversations that not only feed our soul but also inspire and enrich us to go deeper in our relationships. Going below the surface is not easy by any means, be it with a friend, mother, spouse or sibling, but that’s where the treasure lies.”

According to Yian, the interviewee sets the pace and tone of his podcast. He sees his job as making his subject safe and comfortable to the point where the conversation flows naturally. “The core of sharing surfaces eventually. Everyone has a story to share and experiences they want to shine light on. It's up to me to create the space for all of it to unravel.”

To date, Intimate Moments has focused on relationships that really hit home. “Our listeners can relate immediately to the conversations, and are moved to take their relationships to the next level. Going forward we want to tap into a diverse yet intimate theme where empathy is key.”

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Yian’s background in broadcasting and journalism helps him on the tasks. “This podcast is easily one of my favorite projects. It was just a seed in my thoughts when I was doing my Masters in Journalism at Columbia (University).

He is satisfied with the results so far. “We hit the ground running with The Intimate Moment, and our organic reach has been incredible. I’m well aware that I am sitting on a goldmine in terms of content that is deeply inspirational. For now, we have a presence on Facebook, but we are currently building a website and formal podcast channels.” 

From the minute he started The Intimate Moment, Yian claims it has been very well received; it has also been “a huge learning” for him. “I’m blessed to be surrounded by friends and family who have not only supported this initiative but also provided vital feedback. I’m in the midst of creating a team and have some thought-provoking ideas on the next move for podcast, but all I'm allowed to say is, watch out and prepare to be moved.”