Discover Sustainability With An Electric Vehicle

28 Sep 2023

The Sustainability Challenge initiative of PML, in cooperation with Portfolio, puts participants behind the wheel to drive home a point

Over the course of one weekend, participants to the Challenge are encouraged to go through their normal routine—but in one of three BMW electric vehicles (EVs) instead of their petrol variant car.

“All they have to do is take the first step,” says Lawrence Tan, Managing Director of Performance Motors Limited. That is to do the petrol to electric car swap and contribute to an emission-free weekend.

 EVs provide an environmentally friendly solution to mobility; it does not rely on fossil fuels and therefore curbs greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere.

 “Of course, we hope they go beyond that,” adds Lawrence. “We hope that they eventually switch to a BMW EV. Doing so will hopefully inspire other car owners to follow.”

Lawrence suggests that the participants do not deviate from their normal weekend routine. “The best way to do the challenge is to just go about your weekend chores – but this time in an EV. That’s the best way to discover that an electric vehicle can be your best companion on your daily commute. 

“At the same time,” he emphasises, “it will allow you to discover that the joys of driving can be fulfilled while doing your part for sustainability.”

Besides having a fun experience, Lawrence hopes that through the challenge, the participants can be convinced that the BMW EV can complement their lifestyle as much as a petrol variant car can – if not more.

“We hope to inspire positive change,” Lawrence concludes, “and have more motorists joining us on this path of sustainability towards a green future for the coming generations.”

 Visit pml-bmw.com.sg/ceo-sustainability-challenge to arrange for a test drive.