From Ordinary to Extraordinary

by Anton D. Javier
Photos courtesy of ipse ipsa ipsum
20 Mar 2017

ipse ipsa ipsum's Nathan Yong Collection not only features gorgeous designs, it also allows homeowners to customize pieces to fit their living space

ipse ipsa ipsum provides more than just furniture. It is a brand that allows ordinary people to experience an extraordinary way of life through luxurious yet accessible products, which feature stunning design, rich heritage, and traditional Indian crafstmanship.

"It takes an ordinary person to do extraordinary things because we are capable of doing so much more than we think," shares Saurabh Mangla, Creative Head of ipse ipsa ipsum. "From product design and development to the retail environment, we want to fire up our imagination and present customers with choices to make living exceptional."

To help make exceptional living a reality, Saurabh tapped on the creative genius of Singaporean designer Nathan Yong to design the eponymous collection for the brand's first line of co-authored collections. Commenting on it, Nathan says, "I am delighted to work closely with ipse ipsa ipsum on this new collection... They have a long lineage of traditional craftsmanship behind them and their craftsmen's ability to forage metal and marble underscored the wonderment that I hope to evoke through the Collection."

  • Udaipur Sofa
  • Jaipur Armchair
  • Nabha Makeup Desk
  • Mahal Hanging Mirror
  • Kochi Fruit Bowl
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Through Nathan's design know-how and the brand's close working relationship with craftsmen in India, a collection comprised of individual pieces was born, bringing together the designer's signature aesthetics with Indian-inspired shapes and details (from colours and materials to shapes and architecture).

While the "what you see is what you get" concept holds true for most furniture, the Nathan Yong Collection boasts a variety of options that customers have to personalize individual pieces. For example, they can select from multiple variations of a sofa by using different components like an additional lamp or mirror. What's more, they can choose between white or grey leather hides to adorn the hand-forged sofa, making it a part of their home that's truly their own. Through this, customers are empowered and are given a heightened sense of ownership over their living space.

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