Get Wrapped at The Vinyl Clinic

Special feature by The Vinyl Clinic
24 Jun 2024

Here's a new way to redefine your ride.

Do you want to give your automobile a new look without having to shell out a lot of money for a paint job? Let’s not forget the lengthy down time and your interior smelling like a spray paint shop after sitting at the workshop for weeks. Then “wrapping” your car can be the ideal solution.

Car wrapping is the process of covering an automobile, entirely or partially, with a thin, flexible, and non-destructive adhesive film – a durable coating that covers the existing paintwork like second skin. With so many colors and patterns to choose from, the procedure offers a quick and easy option to significantly alter your car's look. You can also choose between gloss and matte finishes to achieve the desired appearance.

Generally speaking, vehicle wrapping is less expensive than completely respraying the car, and it can be utilized to accomplish certain visual aspects that are very hard, if not impossible, to achieve with ordinary paint. There are myriad colors, textures, and options available to suit just about any look you’d like.

The Vinyl Clinic has offered its bespoke vehicle aesthetic services since 2016 and is known for providing clients with a truly empirical experience. Naturally, it's of the utmost importance to select a company that has both the experience and expertise to wrap a vehicle. While the process may look simple, the application of vinyl film is an artform in itself and involves planning and expert application. At The Vinyl Clinic, the company’s staff have been certified as “specialist installers” by well-known luxury vinyl manufacturers like Avery Dennsion and Hexis.

Perhaps the number one reason people wrap their car is to change the color of their cars. You can choose either a total color change or just a partial wrap. In the case of a partial wrap, you might decide to just get your roof done, or maybe the spoilers or wing mirrors. The Vinyl Clinic can also wrap parts of the interior for an instant interior makeover.

In addition to enhancing the aesthetic of cars, wraps can be used for purely functional reasons. For example, satin clear vinyl can be applied to cars to add a layer of protection to the paintwork, which can help protect against fading, scratches, and environmental damage while offering long lasting protection. Covering the car with a wrap keeps the original paint in pristine condition.

While changing a vehicle’s color is easy with wrapping, others may want something more unique. Bespoke vehicle wraps can be created to display anything from personal artwork to your business logo. This is a particularly popular choice for company cars and for vehicles that are used to promote special events. This is where The Vinyl Clinic shines as customization is their speciality.

Another important feature of vinyl wraps is that they are now commonly used for vehicle detailing. Modifications include everything from dechroming for a stealthy look to pin-striping for a sporty flourish. In a smart move, The Vinyl Clinic acquired Detailworks in 2022, which means car enthusiasts can now benefit from comprehensive detailing services that serve as an extension of and addition to The Vinyl Clinic's existing wrap offerings. Detailworks provides meticulous treatments to enhance both the interior and exterior of vehicles, ranging from deep cleaning and restoration to paint correction and protection.

The Vinyl Clinic’s mission to deliver superior vinyl, expert application, and meticulous service within a reasonable downtime and at an affordable price. The clinic’s commitment to excellence is such that no job is too small for them to undertake.

Your ride is important to you. Let The Vinyl Clinic show you how they can enhance and improve the look and feel of your vehicle. The clinic even has body kits that enhance vehicle aesthetics and performance, while their car wash and polishing services that use premium products are second to none.

Owning an automobile in Singapore is a privilege due to the initial high cost of purchase. Protect, restore, and preserve that investment with the superior car aesthetic services offered by The Vinyl Clinic.

For more information, visit thevinylclinic.com. Visit them at 7030 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5, #01-51 Northstar@AMK, Singapore 569880