Golden Travel Opportunities

by Alfonso Pereira
14 Mar 2023

High-end tour company Luxury Gold announces a timely rebranding for a new golden age of travel – one that is luxurious, authentic, and unforgettable.

A new era of travel is upon us – one that is more intimate, personalized, and luxurious. To meet this change, Luxury Gold, the world leader in high-end, small group journeys, and an important member of The Travel Corporation’s (TTC) family of brands, is on a journey towards reinvention through a timely rebranding exercise. 

So what can the well-heeled, jetsetting crowd expect from this? For starters, the brand is offering 30 extraordinary small group journeys to the world’s most sought-after destinations, all limited edition, and with the finest end-to-end travel experiences.

Expect to stay and be pampered at 5-star accommodations like Belmond, Red Carnation, and JW Marriott properties, followed by exclusive tours and the opportunity to mingle with notable personalities. What’s more, Luxury Gold will also boast new branding that reflects these sentiments with aspirational, flawless visuals, as well as an elegant champagne and caviar color palette. 

According to Mae Cheah, Managing Director Asia, TTC Tour Brands and TCA, “It’s clear that affluent travelers [are] intent on traveling in 2023 and are looking to book those once-in-a-lifetime trips that include the luxury and ease of a high-end travel experience. With the rebrand of Luxury Gold, travelers will be able to have an even more intimate and elegant travel experience with magnificent stays, exceptional dining, and curated experiences. As a brand that offers luxury travelers a refined and immersive travel experience in a small group setting, Luxury Gold is excited to meet the demand fo an exceptional journey that checks all the [right] boxes.” 

In addition, the brand’s rebranded Founder’s Collection will include exclusive meet-and-greet sessions put together by TTC’s founder, the late Stanley Tollman, because of friendships he made throughout his lifetime. Guests can select departures with these experiences and meet European nobility, legendary locals, and celebrated icons at historic sites or ancestral homes. How’s that for an authentic experience? 

All these are supported by a 24/7 Travel Concierge that supports guests every step of the way, combining local knowledge with access to the ultimate black book of contacts that will help customize each guest’s journey. 


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