Hafary: Set In Stone

15 Aug 2019

A new showroom by Hafary offers visitors a rare chance to experience natural stone finishings on a large scale.

With patterns both precisely geometric and playfully unpredictable, stone brings the resourcefulness and unrestrained originality of nature into an interior. Responding to a need for a more intimate experience with their natural stone offerings, Hafary – Singapore’s premium specialists in ceramic tile, wood, and stone finishings for residential and commercial spaces for close to half a decade – opened deluxe showroom The Stone Gallery by Hafary in Sungei Kadut.

In this spacious 13,000-sq-ft gallery, inspiration lies waiting not only in the products on offer, but also in the bathroom, kitchen, living room and office lobby mock-ups, carefully crafted to showcase Hafary’s materials in true-to-life settings. Information about stone types is offered in stunningly designed wall panels and breathtaking comparison displays. The showroom is also home to collections by some of the most iconic Italian natural stone brands through partnerships forged in a shared passion for facilitating enthralling interiors.

Offering more than 1,000 types of marble, as well as granite, onyx, limestone, precious stones, shellstones and gemstones, Antolini is best known for bringing inaccessible materials to the market. The Antolini Vacuum Process (AVP®) uses innovative vacuum technologies and specially developed high-quality resins to strengthen the stone slabs, enabling the safe processing of rare and fragile materials. Optimal polishing reveals the nuanced beauty specific to each material, regardless of structure or petrographic composition.

The Stone Gallery by Hafary excels in helping amateurs and professionals alike to carve their own creative mark on the spaces they live and work in. In order to best cater to the needs of their diverse clientele – from homeowners and retail buyers to interior designers, contractors, architects and developers – the showroom has a fully carpeted pre-laying zone, and expert representatives are on hand to provide visitors with detailed background on their selections and help them to match their desires to their needs.

The Stone Gallery by Hafary is located at Level 7, World Furnishing Hub, 18 Sungei Kadut Street 2. Viewing is by appointment only.