How I Travel: Amee Philips

18 Apr 2024

Amee Philips is the founder and CEO of Amee Philips, a luxury jewellery brand based in Singapore and Malaysia.

For most, traveling overseas is a once- or twice-a-year affair. But then there are the frequent fliers who are literally living out of suitcases, jetting off at any given moment – for both work and leisure. In this issue, we speak to a handful of jetsetters who let us in on why and how they travel. In addition, they share tips and tricks on making the most out of a tight schedule and packed itinerary.

Tell us about yourself, what you do, and how many times on average you travel for work and leisure in a year.
I’m Amee Philips, the Founder and CEO of Amee Philips, a luxury jewellery brand based in Singapore and Malaysia. My professional focus centers on the meticulous curation of rare and extraordinary gemstones, crafting them into stunning high jewellery and everyday luxury pieces.

I travel 25 times a year on average, balancing between the procurement of unique gemstones, participation in international jewellery fairs, and of course, personal rejuvenation.

What are the main reasons for your work trips? Can you tell us how you manage and organize your schedule to ensure you get work done within a limited amount of time?
The primary goal for my work trips is to unearth distinctive gemstones and ignite inspiration for innovative collections. I traverse the globe, visiting mines to acquire the world's most exquisite gems, which then find their way to my boutiques in Malaysia and Singapore. Additionally, I explore captivating locations to gather inspiration for my designs.

Effective time management is crucial – I prioritize appointments and build in flexibility for unforeseen events. I have found that being adaptable while having a clear agenda allows me to maximize my work trips efficiently.

Amee Philips, with husband Drew, in France

How do you maintain your energy level, especially if you have a packed itinerary? What kind of leisure activities do you usually fit into your schedule?
I rarely feel drained on work trips because my genuine passion for gem exploration keeps me energized. I truly enjoy what I do, and the thrill of discovering exceptional gems serves as a constant source of motivation. Apart from my busy schedule and work, I always try my best to make time to immerse myself in the local culture and to scout for good local food and wine.

When travelling for leisure, what destination do you find yourself always returning to and why? Can you also share some of your bucket list destinations?
I’m usually drawn to warmer climates with beautiful sceneries. The allure of Italy, especially the Amalfi Coast, is irresistible – it’s my go-to for unwinding. The calming atmosphere provided by the sea and picturesque landscapes offers a refreshing escape from the usual hustle and bustle.

While I appreciate the warmth of the Amalfi Coast, Alaska holds a special place on my ultimate adventure bucket list. I envision an extraordinary journey filled with admiration for its breathtaking landscapes, spotting wildlife in their natural habitat, and the anticipated highlight of witnessing the Northern Lights for the first time.

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Any important tips/advice that you personally follow to make sure your travels – whether for work or leisure – are stress- and hassle-free?
I follow a checklist to make sure I pack everything I need. To ensure my travels remain seamless, I always pack versatile attire suitable for various occasions; a comfortable pair of shoes has been a lifesaver on more than one occasion!

If we go through your carry-on luggage, what kind of essentials will we find?
My carry-on serves as an extension of my workbench, equipped with essential gem tools for impromptu evaluations, a sketchbook for spontaneous design ideas, a versatile shawl for comfort, and personal care items to stay refreshed on the go.

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