Is It Time to Diversify?

06 Oct 2021

Uncertainty is driving many people to relook their wealth planning options, with a tendency towards diversification.

Avrio Wealth specializes in comprehensive financial planning and wealth management for high-net-worth individuals and families.

Its leading service is cross-border financial planning. A financial plan drives the solutions that they implement for their clients, says Ann Marie Regal, CEO. Avrio Wealth incorporates investment, insurance, estate, and tax planning requirements of multi-national and multi-jurisdictional households into their financial plan.

A transparent fee structure sets Avrio apart from competitors, Regal claims. “As CFP professionals, we are fiduciaries. There are no hidden charges, product biases, or conflicting motivations associated with the integrated financial planning and wealth management services we deliver to those who work with us.

“We are regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and the Security and Exchange Commission in the U.S. This allows us to work with a broader range of nationalities versus other wealth management firms in Singapore, including U.S. taxpayers. Two of Avrio’s owners are American and licensed in the US.”

Have you observed what could be a massive and deep change in people’s attitude towards wealth accumulation and preservation as a result of the pandemic?
We have observed changes in people’s attitude. Initially, clients had concerns over market volatility, job loss, pay cuts, business downturn and general uncertainty for the future. They wanted to review their financial plans with an emphasis on estate planning, insurance coverage and portfolio rebalancing.

How would you describe these changes?
The ongoing pandemic has caused some clients to re-evaluate their future and the lifestyle they had originally envisioned. They may now wish to move closer to family, buy a larger home, relocate to another country or even retire early. The decisions impact whether they need to grow or preserve their wealth to achieve their long-term financial goals. Through ongoing financial planning, we address our client's concerns about their wealth future and help them realign their portfolio. Financial planning builds trust.

What is uppermost in their minds as they think about financial security in the short and long term?
Clients are concerned their financial security may be threatened by inflation, increased taxes, and excessive government spending.

What particular wealth management services do you offer your clients?
Avrio Wealth offers integrated financial planning and wealth management. We develop and refine an investment philosophy with our clients that is implemented over time. It is a set of beliefs and principles that guide the client’s wealth management journey. This may include active cash management, securities, alternative investments, and real estate all aligned with their financial plan.

Because of the detailed knowledge of all our client’s assets, not just their portfolios, we build long term relationships that extend to the next generation.

To what factors would you attribute this?
The driving factor of diversification is macro-based. With uncertainty caused by the global pandemic, clients seek diversification across asset classes to help them achieve their short or long term financial goals.

If you can give one piece of advice to a client regarding financial security in the face of the uncertainty we are facing, what will it be?
Comprehensive planning is their roadmap toward achieving their financial goals. It helps alleviate uncertainty by building discipline and a trusted foundation for a future that is yet to be defined.