Living Smart

27 Dec 2019

LG’s newest suite of smart appliances take all the hard work out of home living with voice command and app connectivity.

Clever, convenient, and connected. These traits are ingrained in the indispensable attitude that ties together LG’s newest range of intelligent home helpers. Embedded with LG ThinQ app accessibility and Google Assistant compatibility, these smart appliances are designed for the most contemporary of homeowners, who are today seeking a hands-free lifestyle in smaller spaces.

Stuck late at work? Turn on your robot vacuum remotely from the office with the touch of a button using the LG ThinQ app and come home to clean floors. In the middle of a Netflix marathon and don’t want to get off your couch until the next cliffhanger ends? Just ask through the remote how long until that last load of washing is done with a simple voice command. If you have friends popping over for dinner on short notice, get the ice in the freezer to freeze quickly for those cocktails you will definitely be having later by simply saying, “Turn on the express freeze on the refrigerator”.

The LG 55” OLED E9 TV offers upgraded AI picture and sound quality with the new α9 Gen 2 processor, meaning your TV will automatically adjust screen functions like brightness and sound settings to best complement the ambient conditions of your living room. Expand your TV viewing experience with the Google Assistant built-in. Just ask, and LG AI TV offers recommendations based on your tastes and assists with various control functions: from telling you what the weather will be like today, or recommending you an adventure movie, to turning your robot vacuum off or on.


Ideal for special care fabric items, the slim LG Styler is also the perfect solution for refreshing clothing. Equipped with TrueSteam™ technology, the Styler uses steam, coupled with a Moving Hanger that slides from side to side, to reduce wrinkles and remove odours. Check the status of steaming using Google Assistant to make sure your clothing is ready to wear for the day. And a sleek mirrored finish lets you check out your reflection before heading out.

The LG HOM-BOT tackles dust particles with two extended brushes and an Anti-Tangle Brush, finishing off the cleaning with a rear-fitted slide-in mop. Noise is kept to a minimum–just 64 dB(A)–due to minimal friction on the Smart Inverter Motor. This durable unit tucks away neatly into the corner in its compact home station, where it starts up from or heads back to with a simple voice command.


Simply knock twice on the sleek mirrored glass panel of LG’s latest InstaView Refrigerator to illuminate the contents of the fridge–eliminating the need to open the door, minimising cold-air loss, and keeping food fresher for longer. Through the LG ThinQ app, owners can also remotely adjust the temperature settings on the fridge or use Google Assistant voice commands to turn Ice Plus on or off for quick snap chilling. Think crystal clear ice on demand for that uptown old fashioned.

By offering more connectivity in their home appliances on top of already impressive features, LG continues to bring greater convenience to households. Now all homeowners, from dedicated bachelors to the biggest of families, can embrace and experience the life changing concept of living smart.

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