Making Dream Holidays Come True

Special feature by Intriq Journey
11 Apr 2023

Bespoke travel agency Intriq Journey doesn’t just want guests to have a good holiday – they want the experience to be magical.

Planning the trip of a lifetime can be stressful. But entrusting the process to a travel agency, even an experienced one, can be a roll of the dice. After all, what constitutes a good travel itinerary can be highly subjective.

Saudi Arabia

For bespoke travel agency Intriq Journey, cracking the code to a great holiday lies in a combination of personalization, an offer of exclusive experiences, and attentive service that anticipates the guest’s needs and wants before they are even aware of them.

“Travel should be something magical. It should take you beyond visiting places to discover parts of them you’ve never seen before,” says the company.

“It should draw you to off the beaten path destinations to reveal hidden gems, uncover local secrets and make genuine connections with new cultures and communities. At Intriq Journey, we take those ‘shoulds’ and turn them into certainties.”

This means itinerary highlights like VIP access to monuments and alternative tour options that take guests off the regular tourist routes. Guests can ensure their itineraries are to their exacting standards by working with a travel designer, who has deep insights and connections within the cities and are able to personalize the itinerary further.


In Luxor, Egypt, for example, guests explore tombs not usually visited by tourists at the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens, and have the option of a night tour of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

In Cambodia, they immerse themselves in the great outdoors by glamping at the Cardamom National Park and channel their inner Indiana Jones on an exclusive sunrise exploration of Angkor Wat. Naturally, stays at luxurious hotels and lodges and meals at gourmet restaurants are a given.

Travel should be something magical. It should take you beyond visiting places to discover parts of them you’ve never seen before.

Want to be truly off the beaten path? Intriq Journey, an expert in curating bespoke trips, also offers polar expeditions to both the Arctic and Antarctica. Here, guests get to explore spectacular icebergs and fjords, meet with local communities in traditional villages, and encounter iconic Arctic wildlife such as emperor penguins.

For those who prefer an even more exclusive way of travelling, Intriq Journey offers a luxury iteration of its travel journeys by way of Intriq Finesse. Just 16 guests, accompanied by a Travel Concierge, are on each of the itinerary in the portfolio of luxury small group journeys to exotic locations like Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia and more.


True to its promise of an all-inclusive experience for guests, Intriq Finesse also takes care of all tipping to local guides, porters and other local service staff. Where needed, exclusive modes of transportation are offered - like in Madagascar, where a private plane charters guests to remote corners of the island to explore magnificent landscapes and national parks. Also available: VIP access to the Egyptian Museum and the Pyramids in Cairo, which allows guests to have the entire place to themselves, so that they can explore these sacred realms to their hearts’ content. 

“Combined, we have over 100 years of experience in the travel industry to curate truly exclusive experiences, unlock new destinations, and set the benchmark for sustainable, innovative luxury travel,” says Intriq Journey.

Leave the heavy lifting to their travel experts and simply show up, ready to be surprised and delighted. 

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