Marquis: Leather Forecast

15 Aug 2019

With a history of over forty years in fine leather working, Cierre is responsible for the producing some of the finest quality contemporary leather furniture in the world.

A favorite of top-tier fashion houses like Armani, the sophistication of Cierre lies in an unmatched attention to detail–the result of three generations of experience working with the best tanneries and more than 130 skilled craftsmen, many of whom are still with the company today.

Today’s spaces are increasingly under pressure to serve multiple functions for those that inhabit them, and with today’s plethora of styles and trends at the fingertips of homeowners and designers alike, having modular furniture options provides much-needed versatility to a room. Cierre’s elegant Season Sofa, designed by the ingenious Stefano Conficconi himself, allows for endless geometric style and comfort combinations.

Likewise, with its moveable backrest, the light and airy Carlton Sofa fits seamlessly into any modern interior space. Astutely modular, the Key Bookcase by adroit designer and architect Marco Fumagalli is endlessly expandable in any direction. With no limits on configuration, this bookcase can fit discreetly, though by no means modestly, into the corner of a home office or become the show-stopping centerpiece.