Meridiani and the Modern Home

Special feature by Meridiani
29 Jan 2021

Shining the spotlight on a range of versatile Meridiani furniture that seamlessly fit in today's modern home

The concept of the home has greatly changed over the past year. With a majority of us staying in most of the time, the home is more than just a sanctuary — it is now a place where most of our lives revolve around, from rest and recuperation to work and entertaining.

Because of this shift, the Meridiani brand becomes more relevant than ever, offering luxurious, high quality furniture that is at once stylish and versatile to meet the modern homeowner's needs.

The brand was created out of a simple yet passionate idea of introducing furniture that is able to interpret classic themes with contemporary flair; to provide products that are able to withstand the test of time all while conveying sophisticated and relaxed elegance. All this became a reality when the first collection was introduced in 1996.

Today, Meridiani introduces a range of furniture designed by Andrea Parisio that beckons us to sit back, relax, and truly enjoy the time spent at home. The pieces breathe new life to spaces like the dining and living room with their classic yet contemporary lines that are able to seamlessly fit in a variety of interiors.

First there is Plinto — a series of dining tables that are characterized by pure lines and an architectural design. Not only is it an anchor piece for people to gather around, it is also an invitation towards interior design freedom thanks to its different finishes, forms, and sizes.

The Plinto boasts light, structured metal bases in either black or bronzed brass finish, complemented by various kinds of marble, wood, or lacquered finishes.

Moving to the living room, the Adrian is a collection of unobtrusive coffee tables that feature smooth edged tops that appear to be floating with their slim frame. Available in various dimensions, the Adrian coffee table is available with tops in either a matte or glossy lacquer finish, or in different types of marble. Meanwhile, the frame is in tubular metal that can be executed in either bronzed brass or black, complemented by bronzed brass tips.

Where seating is concerned, the Harold couch is a versatile seating system with linear, asymmetrical, or curved elements. It offers two backrest options with varying thickness, as well as armrests that are available in two thicknesses and heights. The modular units come with a removable cover, while the leather version comes with a fixed cover.

Rounding everything up is the Nanì armchair, which is characterized by its comfortable seats and curved backrest that calls to mind a comforting embrace. The chair sits on a tubular metal structure that is available in black, chalk, petrol, and charcoal grey in a matte finish.

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