Meridiani Champions Comfort and Simplicity with New Collection

Special feature by Marquis
13 Dec 2023

Despite the simplicity of the Italian luxury furniture brand’s latest collection, know that innovation and style is at the heart of everything it produces.

The recent unveiling of Italian luxury furniture brand Meridiani’s 2023 collection showcases functionality and balance, making each piece perfect for inspiring indoor spaces. Designed by Andrea Paraiso, a luminary in the field of furniture design, the range is a combination of balance and comfort that features extreme simplicity through rounded or linear shapes that evoke soft volumes, resulting in the creation of private and welcoming spaces.

The collection, comprised of sofas, armchairs, benches, poufs, and low tables are all part of this comprehensive series, designed to create a living experience that’s coordinated in every detail.

Unveiled at the recent Salone del Mobile in Milan, one of the major standouts from the new collection is the Baco Pouf – a system of poufs with various shapes that allows the user a multitude of combinations based on their personal taste. Thanks to a magnet fixing system, the poufs result in unique design executions that accommodate ergonomic compatibility.

What’s more, the Baco pouf system offers a range of uniquely shaped ottomans that can be arranged according to personal preferences, designed to bridge gaps in spaces and generate a fresh, dynamic look wherever they’re placed.

Each pouf features a unique shape that can be combined freely to adapt to the space’s requirements. The adaptability is further enhanced by its well-though-out design, which includes three distinct product variations: End ottoman, unit ottoman, and trapezium ottoman.  

Through Meridiani’s new collection, customers can look forward to the brand’s ability to adjust to different contexts by creating timeless and innovative environments. The upholstery used also skillfully blends with various finishes, such as steel, marble, and wood, resulting in an atmosphere rich in elegance and sophistication.


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