Micro Marvels: Unveiling the Intrigue of Micromosaic Artistry

by Portfolio Magazine
05 Sep 2023

Specialists in mosaic art done on a micro scale, Bodi Collections shares how this decorative treatment can add a unique, artistic touch to interiors.

The centuries-old art of micromosaics is widely seen on jewellery and objets d’art, but did you know that it has now found a modern application in contemporary buildings – used in creating artistic feature walls or decorative surfaces for both residential and commercial properties. Bodi Collections, a local company that deals in furnishing materials, is one of the few names around the world that specialises in customised micromosaic work – this also makes it one of the rare local studios that offer unique interior creations not typically seen in Singapore.

Double Red Fish: Size 600*1410 each, designed by Bodi with total around 30,000 pieces micromosaic for each piece

Micromosaic art is exactly like mosaic art, except that it is done on an unusually small scale, producing a highly refined effect that is rich with breathtaking details and a wide spectrum of colours. This means it involves the piecing together of a very large number of miniscule mosaic tiles on a surface in order to create a pattern or artwork. Depending on the size of the art, thousands of the micromosaic pieces or even more are required. The size of each mosaic piece measures between 2.5mm and 7mm – this will immediately provide an idea of the micro-sized scale of the work.

  • Butterfly: Size 1200*1500, designed by Lian Weihua with total around 64800 pieces micromosaic
  • Purple: Artist Krista Kim, artwork size: 2100*1400 with around 84,000 pieces of micromosaic
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It has redefined creativity and opened the path for infinite possibilities for interior and sometimes even exterior decoration, according to the founder of Bodi Collections, Sean Bo. “Micromosaic is particularly suited for smooth surfaces. The finished product can be applied on feature walls, floors coverings, fabric, panels, ceilings, furniture surfaces, swimming pools and artistic structures in any design through digital layout and production. The beautiful variety of colours and refined details present a truly impressive result that allows us to express all possibilities of the imagination,” he explained.

The biggest draw here is perhaps how exceedingly customisable micromosaic is – just about any design one has in mind can be achieved via it, and with spectacular results at that.

  • Blue: Artist Sunyao , artwork size 2400*1400 with around 96,000 pieces micromosaic
  • Hassan Mosque: size 1200*1800 with total around 77,700 pieces micromosaic
  • Feature wall at Park Nova show flat: size 3000*3000 with total of around 320,000 pieces micromosaic
  • Flower: Size 1152*1152 , designed by Bodi with total around 37,000 pieces micromosaic
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Using Micromosaic, it’s possible to recreate intricate family portraits or personal photographs with exceptional precision. Working with a photograph, Bodi provides a mock design showcasing the incredible detail that can be achieved. Intrigued by how it looks? Visit Bodi Collections’ showroom or website or call for a consultation.