Muuto's New Perspective on Design

Special feature by XTRA
25 Mar 2024

Muuto, which is now available at XTRA, offers beautifully designed furniture and objects that set the tone for any space.

When it comes to offering the best interior and furniture brands in the market, expect XTRA to deliver. For decades, the retailer has been responsible for bringing in some of the most sough-after brands to Singapore, which today, includes Muuto – a brand that’s rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition characterized by aesthetics, functionality, honest expression, and craftsmanship.

Muuto, which derives its name from muutos, meaning “new perspective” in Finnish, works with leading contemporary designers who offer new points of view, perfectly aligning with the philosophy and passion of the Muuto creative team. What results are sublime objects with new perspectives that can be enjoyed by users from around the world – a testament to the best of Scandinavian design.

What’s more, the brand aims to create designs that are both inviting and attractive, and at the same time, are able to spark curiosity and interest without imposing itself on its surroundings.

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A Selection of Standouts

According to Muuto, “objects influence our impression of space and how we feel when in the presence of them.” To create a space that feels just right, consider these furniture pieces and decorative items.

In Situ Modular Sofa
This modular sofa features sculptural lines, deep comfort, and a soft seat. It can be easily tailored to any space and is also available in 30 predesigned configurations. Its soft, casual, and inviting appearance makes it the perfect anchor piece for any home.

Outline Chair
The Outline Chair takes its reference from classic Scandinavian design from the 1960’s, marrying the ideals of function and simplicity. The piece is a vision of timelessness and elegance, while at the same time, boasting a deep seat and soft cushioning.

Wrap Lounge Chair
With the blanket-like textile wrapped around the chair’s shell, this piece is all about comfort with a strong sense of character. The shape is supported by a light steel frame, which creates a contrasting image of airy lightness.

Ease Portable Lamp
The Ease Portable Lamp is inspired by the shape of traditional table lamps and executed in a carriable size, making it suitable for the bedside, reading nook, coffee table or the home office. The lamp offers a high-quality dimmable, no-glare light with three levels, striking the perfect balance between atmospheric and functional lighting.

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Reflect Sideboard
For additional storage in spaces like the living room or larger office spaces, consider the Reflect Sideboard. With its curved surface in a solidly built and stylish frame, it’s a modern piece that channels the spirit of classic, mid-century modern Scandinavian style.   

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