New Era of Luxury: A New Way to Shop

Photos courtesy of The SaleSale
10 Jan 2022

The SaleSale not only breathes life to past-season designer fashion, it also boasts a new retail concept that addresses the needs and wants of the modern luxury consumer.

Luxury and sustainability have been intertwined for years. The chatter behind it is especially louder now since an increasing number of consumers are putting more focus into the consequences of their shopping habits. The guiding principle of “buying less, but better” is gaining traction now that more people are opting for well-made pieces that can be used for years, as opposed to disposable options that most fast fashion brands are notorious for.

In Singapore, a new retail concept called The SaleSale bridges accessibility with luxury fashion by offering shoppers the chance to snag past-season pieces from over 60 luxury designer brands. By offering ‘brand-new-with-tag’ pieces from past collections, more shoppers are given the chance to consciously shop for luxury fashion.

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Siddhartha Arya, founder of The SaleSale

The unique pop-up concept, currently located at Dempsey Hill, was established by 21-year-old Siddhartha Arya. What started as a passion project quickly evolved to relight and recontextualize the experience of luxury discount shopping.

Can you share how the idea for The SaleSale came about and what its mission and long-term goal is?
Growing up in a family with a strong entrepreneurial background, I saw first-hand the grit and tenacity that goes behind the scenes of a business venture. I was inspired by my family’s passion and knew that while it was not easy, starting a business of my own would be my greatest goal. I seized a window of opportunity during the pandemic where Singaporean consumers missed the pleasures of overseas retail and I wanted to bring that to Singapore.

Aligning both my interest in fashion and my penchant for luxury, The SaleSale was born. The SaleSale is a brick-and-mortar store that offers high-end labels, but does away with extravagant price tags. Moreover, The SaleSale sources designer labels that are not commonly available in the Singapore market, such as Alaia, Marchesa, Zuhair Murad, and Naeem Khan.

While it takes a significant amount of time and resources to procure high-end labels from Europe and USA, and offer them at a fraction of their retail value, my goal is for The SaleSale to become an accessible home for multiple high-end labels – whether in terms of brands or affordability for the fashionably astute.

These days, luxury brands are more inclusive rather than exclusive. Can you comment on this and is this a direction you see The SaleSale heading towards?
It is comforting to see luxury brands becoming more inclusive so that it is more attainable to the average consumer. The SaleSale echoes this by helping brands reach out to a bigger crowd, while at the same time, gives past-season pieces a second chance even after their “shelf life”.

As we slowly ease our way out from the shadow of the pandemic, what do you think consumers are looking for when it comes to retail and luxury experiences?
Novelty. Luxury retail stores are of a multitude, but what creates a lasting impression is a store that endeavors creativity and offers a new experience for customers.

For example, our customers at The SaleSale have shared that they thoroughly enjoy the experience – from the comforting and opulent aesthetics of the interiors to the curation of unique pieces across the array of brands; these are elements that breathe newness in the market and we’re always finding ways to elevate this experience.

For those who are looking to purchase luxury items from past seasons – whether brand-new-with-tag or second-hand – what should their approach/mindset be like?
Keep an open mind. Instead of searching for specific pieces of a particular colour or design, know that the magic of discovery lies in the unexpected. It could be something from a fashion era you like or a particular cut/style that is flattering on your body type.

At The SaleSale, we carry brand-new and authentic classic pieces from past season collections that won’t go out of style so easily, making shopping with us is more fuss-free as compared to buying preloved.