On The Road With Dr. Francis Goh

04 Jul 2019

To CEO and founder of Hehsed Consulting, Dr. Francis Goh, the idyll of Sentosa provides a welcome respite from the rigors of running a business

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"I like greenery a lot — it provides me with a relaxed feeling,” says Dr. Francis Goh. “And I like the outdoors: mountains, trees, lakes..."

For Dr. Goh, CEO and founder of Hehsed Consulting, making regular trips into Sentosa and driving along the quiet roads in The State of Fun is how he unwinds.

A favorite place of Dr. Goh’s is One°15 Marina Sentosa Cove, where he and his family head to regularly. “It’s a complete, holistic place for leisure activities, where we can have fun in the pool, there are dining options and a gym, and (I like) taking brisk walks on the platform surrounded by the beautiful yachts,” he elaborates.

Dr. Goh took up membership at the marina club shortly after it opened more than a decade ago. Since then has returned regularly to take in the tranquility of the environs. And more than being only a retreat in Dr. Goh’s downtime, the club has served as a space for corporate events he hosted for clients, as did the beaches in Sentosa. “I remember there were a lot of activities I was involved in during my corporate life, where we held a lot of events on the beach,” he recounts. “The loud music, with families and people hanging out in the sun — it provides a very relaxed feel.”

Having held corporate roles in sales and management in companies such as Microsoft, Mercer, Hewlett-Packard, SAP and Accenture, Dr. Goh made a switch four years ago and became, as he described, an accidental entrepreneur when he founded Hehsed Consulting, a digital company that assists companies in developing their digital transformation strategies, with a focus on human capital, digital marketing and social media, innovation and customer experience.

“I’m really very interested in innovation — I’m curious about what’s going on and solving problems,” Dr. Goh explains. “By virtue of being in the tech industry, I guess people would say I’m a tech person, but I see myself like everyone else, and I see tech only as an enabler. What’s more important is how you use technology or any channel and function to make it work for your business and company.'

And when it comes to cars he drives, Dr. Goh sees technology-enhanced features as a complement to a seamless driving experience. “We want to have a fantastic feeling when we drive, to the point where all this technology and gadgets (are no longer apparent), because we want a good view and the convenience and smoothness of a drive,” he says. “If technology becomes invisible to us and still provides us with the experience and feeling we want, that makes a difference.”

A feature that fits that description perfectly is Lexus ES 300h’s 10.2-inch full-color Head-up Display, which projects key information right onto the windshield. “It’s an innovative design, so I can see the speed without looking down...and without taking my eyes off the road,” Dr Goh says. “This is subtle but important, because it gives drivers the information we want and the comfort we need.”

There are two more features of the Lexus hybrid model that Dr. Goh enjoys: the quietness that results from the combination of an efficient petrol engine and the self-charging hybrid model, and the inner silencer material that provides impeccable noise absorption; and the range of drive modes, which offers fuel efficiency on Eco mode, and reactivity and an exhilarating push on Sports mode.

Dr. Goh switched over to Lexus two years ago, after many years of driving continental cars. “My first encounter with Lexus was through a test drive,” he relates. “I went in with an open mind, plus one of my life philosophies is ‘Why not?!’ But the drive was very pleasant and really impressed me: the first reason was the quietness of the engine, and the second was it can perform as a performance car if you require it.

“It was a pleasant surprise that Lexus provided the luxury of a car-driving experience I need, and low maintenance and longevity...the blend of the two works well for me.”


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Fourth-generation hybrid drive system
The new fourth-generation self-charging hybrid drive system delivers superb fuel efficiency, responsive performance and minimal emissions, with a 2.5-liter Atkinson cycle four-cylinder petrol engine (which brings the total system power to 214bhp) paired with cycle fuel economy of 4.6 liters per 100km.

The ES 300h also comes equipped with a battery that is more compact than before, allowing it to be mounted underneath the back seat, which improves the front-to-rear weight distribution for better handling and expanded trunk space.

Hybrid acoustics™
A 3-layer inner silencer material dampens noise and offers superior acoustic insulation.

Head-up display
The full-color display, the largest available in its class, projects critical information at a quick glance – navigation, vehicle’s performance details and more – directly onto the windshield.

Drive mode select
Three drive modes – Normal, Eco and Sport – offer performance to match every driving style.

EV drive mode
At low speeds, EV drive mode uses an electric motor for a silent and zero-emission drive.

Auto glide control
This feature improves driving efficiency by decelerating as if coasting in neutral when the accelerator pedal is released.