Plan for Your Sustainable Bathroom with AXOR

Special feature by AXOR
28 Jun 2023

The AXOR Conscious Showers range shows us that we do not need to compromise style for sustainability.

Planning for your bathroom with sustainability in mind is now made much easier thanks to AXOR. Synonymous with flawless design, intuitive function, and unrivaled innovation, AXOR has long been seen as a pioneer in setting trends and standards in bathroom design. With its latest Conscious Showers range, it’s easy to see why.

Headquartered in the picturesque Black Forest, the German bathroom products manufacturer regularly collaborates with leading architects and designers to create state-of-the-art and technology-driven products, including collections by French designer Jean-Marie Massaud, renowned architect and long-time partner Philippe Starck, and industrial design studio Barber Osgerby.

The success of the AXOR Conscious Showers range is in no small part due to several happy partnerships. Firstly, the brand’s powerful water spray technology paired with its latest low-flow tech meant that the range is now able to deliver luxuriously satisfying showers with significantly less water – only six liters of water per minute.

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Secondly, the innovative technology, combined with the brand’s partnership with PHOENIX Studio, an award-winning industrial and product design studio, makes for a sustainable bathroom option that does not compromise on style and comfort. 

Those familiar with the AXOR brand will understand that the understated allure of AXOR’s designs lies in its ability to elevate the intended experience without overpowering the room with its design language; and the brand judiciously selects its partners to support this. The German brand’s decision to partner PHOENIX Studio for its Conscious Showers collection, a series of minimalist overhead showers, is a testament of this.

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Sleek, functional, and tasteful are the words that come to mind when surveying the elegant collection. Take a closer look at the shower head and you will notice fine engraving at the contour, which not only visually supports the flow of water, but when hit by the light at an angle, will shower thousands of light reflections throughout the room – reminiscent of suspended, dancing diamonds. Thoughtful design elements like these are truly what sets AXOR apart from its competitors.

True to its commitment to delivering high-quality products for every bathroom, the EcoSmart+ product range includes a rectangular AXOR Overhead Shower 245/ 185 and two round designs, AXOR Overhead Shower 220 and 245. All products are available in a variety of finishes, including Chrome and Matt Black. If none of the finishes strike your fancy, there’s the extensive AXOR FinishPlus finishes or AXOR Signature Service, where customers may get their bathroom fixtures completely customized. Pure gold rain shower heads? The question is: Why not?

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