Remote Working Optimized

30 Apr 2020

Mr. Ng Tian Chong, Senior Vice President & Managing Director, Greater Asia, HP Inc.

People across the world are confronting immense challenges and adjusting to new realities. This extraordinary situation will have a profound impact on modern life – economically, politically and culturally. We also see technology taking an elevated role in our daily lives – keeping us connected and helping us support one another through this time of uncertainty.

In the coming months, we may see a positive shift in people’s perception of technology as it becomes the lifeline to create meaningful connections as in-person interactions are temporarily limited. When used purposefully, technology can become a vital enabler for us all, to help us keep learning, keep working and keep going.

Optimize your home set up with the right peripherals. The idea is to set up a dedicated workspace at home that mimics your work environment as closely as possible. A monitor, keyboard and mouse all help you stay productive and not hunched over a laptop.

In addition, a headset keeps your voice clear in meetings without disturbing your family or roommates, while a wireless printer allows you to print essential documents easily, and often straight from your mobile.

Connect with your teams virtually, regularly. We can feel isolated if we work remotely and away from our colleagues for an extended period of time. We can, and should, continue to forge connections and have meaningful conversations by using our laptops’ in-built camera or a webcam with video conferencing software.

Take extra precautions for endpoint security. With employees connected to their home or public Wi-Fi, the possibility of becoming susceptible to malicious cyberattacks, such as phishing, increases. Organizations need to ensure they are providing employees with secure devices and all employees need to do their part to update to the latest security firmware and use VPN.

Clean your devices. Cleaning surfaces, followed by disinfection, is a best practice for reducing any potential transmissions. All devices need to be turned off and unplugged before cleaning and you should do it with a microfiber cloth and a mixture of 70 per cent isopropyl alcohol and 30 per cent water. Never spray liquids directly on your devices. 

Balance the new normal of learning from home. For parents, closure of schools and reduced after-school hours mean that children will be spending more time at home. A combination of digital and print optimizes learning and learning together also helps to enrich the parent-child bond. Parents should look to online resources like Print & Play for fun learning activities. But remember, the key thing here is to instil a love of learning with child. They’ll be able to catch up with their studies quickly when they return to school.