Revitalized Repose

22 Oct 2019

Every piece in the new Virgin seating collection by MisuraEmme is set to make a statement in residential space design.

MisuraEmme is renowned for offering carefully designed furniture pieces that combine to create idyllic islands of residential relaxation.

A favourite of both interior designers and discerning home owners, MisuraEmme is expert at ensuring comfort never needs to be sacrificed for style. The brand carefully balances an understanding of crisp contemporary trends with classic, time-tested concepts. Helmed by three generations of loyal professionals, this family company is dedicated to 100% high quality Italian craftsmanship enhanced by design collaborations with leading designers. Without a doubt, MisuraEmme is a leading player in contemporary living at an international level.

And the brand’s recently released Virgin seating collection is no exception. The personality filled range, which consists of the Virgin Sofa and Armchair seating system and the Virgin Dining chair, is defined by exceptional contemporary materials and vivid, yet soft-edged lines. The welcoming design continues to convey the sartorial, sophisticated attitude that distinguishes MisuraEmme from its competition.

Designer Mauro Lipparini is the genius mind that lies behind this set-to-be iconic collection. With a background in architecture, the designer brings a strong understanding of balance to his creations for clients across Italy and Japan, and his inventions evoke a style based on the essential shapes and decisive lines that are characteristic of natural minimalism. From its very inception, every piece of furniture designed by Lipparini is destined to lend a striking silhouette to any space.

Defining this new tailored trio of furnishings is the Virgin Sofa. Refined lines combine with soft curves in this robust and functional upholstered unit. Practically, the back and armrests are merged to create a deep seat that doubles as rear support. A gap cleverly positioned between the seat and the backrest lightens the total weight of this subtle suite. This is a sofa that epitomises the classic idea of form follows function, but with up-to-the-minute textiles and just a touch of whimsy.

  • MisuraEmme Virgin Sofa With Armrests
  • MisuraEmme Virgin Sofa With Armrests
  • MisuraEmme Virgin Sofa Without Armrests
  • MisuraEmme Virgin Sofa Without Armrests
  • MisuraEmme Virgin Sofa Without Armrests
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Available in two options, with or without armrests, the Virgin armchair refines the playful profile of the Virgin Sofa. An irresistible, deeply padded back and seat invite you to sit back and relax, while sharp metal feet add a touch of contemporary, almost graphical character. Like with the other pieces in this new Virgin collection, the addition of soft polymer padding over the entire chair body makes it possible to eliminate traditional wooden framing in favour of a more welcoming figuration.

Turn your living space into an ode to carefully structured comfort with this cleverly coordinated Virgin collection–brought from Italy into your home by one of the world’s most mesmerising furniture brands.