Ruhens: Perfectly Pure

15 Aug 2019

Look after your health and well-being with Ruhens’ sleek new WHP 3000 tankless multi-temperature water purifier.

Drawing from more than 25 years of purifier manufacturing and filter technology expertise, Ruhens is today a world leader in the development of high-quality water purifiers, filters and coolers that fit seamlessly into existing kitchen layouts. With dual focus on technology research and understanding the needs of customers, Ruhens provides homes and offices in more than sixty countries with an essential service: a foolproof way to control the quality of the water people drink.

One of the latest in-home purifiers to grace the carefully crafted, expertly developed Ruhens range is the slimline WHP 3000 tankless multi-temperature water purifier. At just 16cm wide, this sleek filtering machine fits neatly into even the most compact of kitchens. Catering to the needs of all family members, the unit has five temperatures and three quantities (120ml, 550ml, and 1500ml) available at the touch of a button.

Not only does water flow through two types of Ruhens’ revolutionary Nanofact filters, eliminating heavy metals and bacteria, the WHP 3000 also subjects drinking water to a gauntlet of hourly UV LED sterilization and thorough pasteurization every thirty minutes. Even stubborn germs like norovirus, colon bacillus and staphylococcus aureus are removed by this shield-like system. A built-in indicator ensures you always know the right time to change the filters.

Like other Ruhens water filter machines, the WHP 3000’s carbon filter is made of charred coconut, a sustainable by-product of the agricultural industry.

Ruhens has also added an eco-mode function into its purifier to pass on big energy savings to households. Hot and cold water production is suspended when the smart sensor in the machine senses the surroundings have gone dark, and display brightness is adjusted to suit the level of light in the environment. When the lights go back on, function returns to normal.

The unit features a safety lock function, keeping curious little ones safe from hot water spills. The detachable faucet is a revolution in filter machine design: Simply take it off and clean it to remove environmental contamination.

From ice and healthfully warm water to a piping hot flow for that cup of energy-boosting coffee, the WHP 3000 ensures all tastes and moods are catered for. Start and end your day with Ruhens.