Shower With A Conscience

Special feature by AXOR
13 Sep 2022

With the AXOR Conscious Showers, you can shower responsibly with less water without sacrificing on comfort.

A shower is a precious ritual of everyday life that typically bookends our day. A shower in the morning wakes us up to freshly face the day ahead, while a shower at night signals the time for rest and relaxation. It’s a small luxury that’s almost second nature to us.

While you may not think too much of this daily habit, the Environment Protection Agency reports that in the United States alone, one trillion gallons of water is used each year on showers. It’s a difficult number to digest, but the good news is that with AXOR, you can do your part while enjoying luxurious showers responsibly.

Presenting AXOR Conscious Showers by PHOENIX – a unique combination of a generous shower head that features a powerful water spray that maintains a low flow rate at six liters per minute. The product’s timeless design, as well as the wide range of high-quality surface finishes make the AXOR Conscious Showers a true expression of a conscious approach to how water is used.

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Designed in partnership with PHOENIX design studio, the product range features a rectangular AXOR Overhead Shower 245/185 and two round design variants – the AXOR Overhead Shower 220 and 245. In the EcoSmart+ variant, the AXOR Conscious Shower reduces the flow rate to less than six liters per minute with almost unchanged comfort.

Look closer and you’ll notice the fine engraving on the contour, which is one of the key visual highlights of the shower heads. This line gives the objects a unique structure that also visually supports the flow of water. What’s more, when light falls on the engraved line, it creates light reflections that are mirrored in the bathroom.

The round AXOR 245 overhead shower sets a striking design example too with its visible screws. This small, yet unmistakable detail shows the precision manufacturing of the objects in the AXOR Center for Excellence at the Hansgrohe Group’s headquarters in the Black Forest. It is here where all products in the range are produced in Chrome and Matt Black, as well as in other AXOR FinishPlus PVD finishes. Finally, the reduced and generic design language of the showers suits a wide range of styles, where its minimalist design allows for a wide range of combination options with other AXOR product collections.

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