SO Dependable

by Anton D. Javier
Photos courtesy of SO Sofitel Bangkok
01 Mar 2019

SO Sofitel Bangkok still remains a favorite among those who frequent the Thai capital - and with good reason

It’s been seven years since SO Sofitel Bangkok opened and it has proven to be a dependable property for those who frequent the Thai capital. For anyone whose considerations for a hotel stay include location, design, fun, and a certain je ne sais quoi that brings everything together, then this hotel has everything covered.

At SO Sofitel Bangkok, style takes center stage, where renowned fashion designer Christian Lacroix takes traditional Thai fashion and gives it his own French spin, resulting in colorful and couture-like staff uniforms. The silhouettes and patterns all have that unmistakable Lacroix touch, ensuring that heads turn every time a SO Sofitel employee walks by.

In addition, he also lends his design genius to the exclusive club lounge, where the eclectically decorated space is styled by the designer himself, resulting in colorful art pieces and opulent furniture juxtaposed with modern Thai style. The lounge’s outdoor terrace also boasts some of the best views in Bangkok, where you can enjoy a coffee or cocktail while taking in views of Lumpini Park and beyond.

As far as the guest rooms and suites are concerned (237 in total), inspiration comes from the Five Elements of water, earth, wood, metal, and fire, designed by Thailand’s top designers, which include Pongthep Sagulku, Nithi Sthapitanonda, Rujiraporn Pia Wanglee, Vitoon Kunalungkarn, and Somchai Jongsaeng. Each room takes its design cue from the designated element and can range from modern and sleek under the Metal element to minimalist and understated in the Wood element.

A rooftop bar in Bangkok is de rigueur and SO Sofitel has one of the best ones in Bangkok called HI-SO Bar, which is known for panoramic views and weekly themed nights. But what stood out more than the bar for me was the Chocolab, located at the ground floor. More than just a chocolate boutique, it is a haven for foodies where hand-made confectioneries and fresh savories successfully tempt both guests and passersby with the irresistible aromas. Aside from having your fill of sweet treats, it’s a great place to cool down after an afternoon of exploring the busy city.

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