Somfy: Designed for Silence

Special Feature Brought To You By Somfy
15 Aug 2019

Enjoy privacy and convenience from the quietest automated curtain motor in the market with Somfy Glydea Ultra

A quiet curtain motor heightens the comfort and well-being of its users, and to this end, leading brand Somfy offers the most innovative solution in Glydea Ultra. Powered by the latest technological innovation, Somfy Glydea Ultra absorbs the sounds caused by vibrations in the system, ensuring silence while in motion.     

Somfy Glydea Ultra is remarkably powerful, allowing fluid, smooth movement of your curtain fabric of up to 60kg. This expands the options for curtains in both size and material, and in turn makes the mechanism ideal for any room scale and style. 

A highly adaptable system, Somfy Glydea Ultra can be operated with a selection of remote controls and weather sensors, including the smartphone-compatible Somfy App. It also works with a variety of technology suitable for smart homes and smart buildings. 

Glydea Ultra has an acoustic performance of less than 38dBA, one of the quietest motorization solutions in the market. (In comparison, air-conditioning at 100 ft registers at 40dB.)

Privacy and convenience are the foremost benefits derived from motorized curtain solutions. For durability and style without the unpleasant motorized sound, contact Somfy Pte Ltd for professional assessment and recommendation. 


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