The All-Day Everyday Ride

15 Jan 2020

A doting mother and busy professional finds ease in a car that takes her anywhere she has to be throughout the day

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Ms. Lily Lim drives from home to office every day, but her regular route is often compromised whenever she has to take side trips to a few other places. As manager of Aardwolf Pestkare Pest Control Services, Ms. Lim prefers to meet clients in person and to show up at worksites to see how her staff are doing. With her new Lexus ES, she is able to do all these in great comfort and style.

“I’ve never owned a Lexus ES before,” Ms. Lim says. “But after driving the Lexus ES for just a couple of months, I realized how much fun driving can be.” She is still discovering the features of her new car, but she already has a few favorites. “This car has many safety features that alert me if I’m in danger; for example, this Blind Spot Monitor that gives a warning signal when I get too close to other vehicles; this is especially useful during heavy downpours.”

Ms. Lim uses her car mostly for work, sometimes ferrying officemates and clients to meetings, but weekends turn it into a family car. “I bring my son to the Boys' Brigade on Saturday mornings, and my husband and I drive around visiting family or trying out new restaurants. It’s been mostly short-distance city driving, but even those can be quite hectic.”

Ms. Lim, who has lived previously in Perth, Australia, and the French countryside, is used to driving long distances in varied terrains. A self-described “outdoorsy girl,” she likes running marathons and playing tennis. “I like keeping active and staying fit.”

But whenever time permits, she likes driving to the East Coast to unwind. “I find it therapeutic to have some ‘me’ time.” A popular destination among Singaporeans who are longing for a change of scene, the East Coast has everything: postcard views, relaxed pace, fresh air, and a plethora of dining places. But Ms. Lim is drawn to it for entirely different reasons. “I frequented the place when my husband was still courting me. And when he asked me to marry him, I went there to clear my head and think what I should do.” A lot of her friends were staying around the area so the nearby Parkway Parade is another memorable hang-out.

Ms. Lim likes driving in the morning, when the sun is just coming up.

“That's when I’m fresh and able to crystallize my thoughts.” And with her new Lexus ES, she can really focus on her thoughts. “Everything about this car is thought through,” she says. “The cockpit is snug, yet with ample legroom, so I don’t have to look up and down to watch the road and the dashboard displays.” The driver and front passenger seats have lumbar support so Ms. Lim doesn’t have to keep shifting to find a comfortable position or get tired during a long drive. “The front seats can even be set to an angle that is most comfortable for me and my passenger.”

Ms. Lim listens to music while she drives. “Driving can be stressful, and although I’m not an aggressive driver, I need to listen to instrumental music to relax. My car has special acoustic glass on the windshield and front door windows, which decreases traffic noise. It’s like I’m in a concert hall on wheels!”

Ms. Lim often takes her family on drives and she’s happy with the power rear seats that can recline up to 8 degrees for a more comfortable position. The rear armrest also has a control panel from which the audio system, seat recline and other functions can be controlled. “My son enjoys the sunroof. Maybe it gives him a different excitement seeing the sky as I drive with the sunroof pulled back. This Lexus ES model also has a unique, big front Grille; a sunroof; and a very solid sound system, which I like very much.”


Even small features such as the Hands-free power trunk lid, which allows her to open and close the trunk by simply carrying the electronic key and moving her foot under the rear bumper, make for a comfortable experience.

“Before we bought our Lexus ES, my husband and I did some research and we found out that maintenance of a Lexus ES car is not as expensive or complicated as my previous continental car. We have not yet reached that point of sending it for maintenance, but I already feel secure. My family loves this car and the whole driving experience.”