The Difference is in the Experience

by Alfonso Pereira
30 Jun 2021

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There are some things so commonplace in our lives, like driving a car or eating a meal, that they hardly deserve a second thought.

However, there are instances when these daily activities are transformed into something a little more special. Driving a Lexus comes to mind, because it is more than just getting from point A to B — it’s an experience. The same goes for an omakase meal at a highly regarded Japanese restaurant, where food is not merely prepared and put on a plate, but carefully considered.

In food-obsessed Singapore, snagging a seat and dining at one of the city’s top tables is a thrilling experience for its discerning denizens. The options are endless, too, what with the dizzying number of starred, awarded, and recognised restaurants and eateries across the island. But if there is one cuisine that most foodies cannot resist, it’s Japanese and all the different intricacies that come with it, such as innovation, preparation, seasonality, and the chef’s mastery of ingredients and techniques.

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A fine example of an establishment that showcases all these intricacies and more is Shoukouwa, which is Singapore’s first and only 2 Michelin-starred sushi restaurant. Here, the centuries-old sushi culture is elevated to world-class standards by Head Chef Kazumine Nishida. With his decades of experience, consummate knife skills, and meticulous cooking techniques, coupled with the finest culinary gems sourced directly from Toyosu Market in Tokyo, Nishida’s work at Shoukouwa has constantly impressed diners.

Sharing more about his craft, Nishida reveals, “I may have accumulated the skills and knowledge of a sushi craftsman from over 20 years of experience, but one thing remains unchanged — to pursue the vow of perfection every day. Every small detail leads to excellence, so nothing is considered unimportant. My goal is for our guests to walk away feeling like they have had the best omakase dining experience.”

Another restaurant that showcases a traditional form of Japanese dining is Kappo Shunsui. As the name suggests, kappo cuisine is the main highlight, which means “to cut and cook”, but emphasizes proximity between diner and chef. At Kappo Shunsui, expect more than just a meal. You get a stellar performance too by Head Chef Shimuta Kunihiko, who delivers a theatrical display of culinary showmanship while engaging guests and stimulating their senses for an immersive omakase experience unlike any other.

A meal at Kappo Shunsui is designed to create lasting memories, where the experience of the meal goes beyond just the food. “I am very excited to present my interpretation of kappo cuisine,” shares Chef Kunihiko. “As a chef, the happiness of my guest is of utmost importance and I hope this novel experience will be able to bring them joy and laughter.

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The Lexus LS Difference

One does not simply drive the Lexus LS — they experience it. In its latest iteration, you can look forward to noteworthy changes to the LS’s exterior, quietness, and comfort, as well as new safety and entertainment features. First, we marvel at the vehicle’s elegant features, with the finishing imbued with the beauty of Japanese craftsmanship, including the new exterior color Gin-Ei Luster and interior styling that’s inspired by Japanese crafts. This is followed by the elevation of the sedan’s levels of comfort, quietness, and overall refinement to help balance a range of improvements dictated by the new Lexus Driving Signature. This philosophy applies detailed tuning, component updates, and control surface upgrades to help drive the LS to a standard of vehicle control, balance, and driver confidence. With the distinction of being the brand’s flagship sedan, the Lexus LS also delivers a more refined and quieter driving performance. What’s more, it boasts an impressive 0-100km/h acceleration from 5.0 seconds, which allows for a smoother drive and a retuned suspension system, among others. In addition, innovative features like Shiatsu Massage relaxation seats, 22-way Power Rear Seats and Power Ottoman, and a Rear Seat Entertainment system makes the ride (for both driver and passengers) more unique and enjoyable than ever. For more information, click click here.