This Hanging Lounge Chair is a Statement Piece for Your Balcony

10 Aug 2021

Introducing the latest collection by Stephen Burks for DEDON

A balcony isn’t a balcony without a huge, comforting lounge chair. Say what you will, but there isn’t anything better than to sprawl under the beautiful weather while claiming your outdoor lounge as your territory for the day.

Which begs the question – what makes the perfect one? Lounge chairs are a dime a dozen, and while we’ve narrowed it down that it’s perfect for singular use (there’s no throne-sharing in the outdoor kingdom), can it provide something else than just sitting around?

Make it swing.

African-American designer Stephan Burks has designed the Kida Hanging Lounge Chair, which he claims will make you feel “as free as the breeze” while cozying up in it. The design intent takes after a cradle, and the form takes place with bold lines as both details and the frame.

Burk’s overall design philosophy follows a similar vein. For DEDON, Burks has designed five major collections, of which incorporate the innovative implementation of woven design, resulting in pieces that are sophisticated and weather-resistant, making them perfect for a manicured outdoor area.

As the latest addition to the DEDON collection, it’s the first to deviate from the usual. It’s the first to be wrapped (in an aluminum frame), rather than woven, in a material unique to DEDON that is the Special Fibre Touch.

The lounge chair is available with or without a base.

The material is altogether lightweight and easily maintainable, requiring just a quick wipe-down. The organic design results in an airy and comforting statement piece of furnishing that’s complete with lined cushioning.

The Kida comes in three colorways – Glow Touch, Ease Touch and Dusk Touch (pictured).

And without you sitting it in, you can call it an art piece. The Kida comes in three colorways, of which the Glow Touch is our favorite. The multicolor fibres are in a range of yellow to blue to purple, which could either add a pop of color, or match the Bohemian theme you are going for.

The Kida Hanging Lounge Chair is now available at Xtra.
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