Timbre Group's CEO and Founder Danny Loong on How He'll Tackle 2024

by Portfolio Magazine
17 Jan 2024

For most, the new year symbolizes new beginnings – it’s when ever-evolving resolutions officially start, when new habits are formed, and when we finally act on things we’ve kept putting off. But for these four top executives, it’s also a period for reflection and decisive action, which will allow them to skillfully, yet cautiously, navigate the business through the most favorable path.

"As the CEO and Founder of Timbre Group, I am deeply immersed in the dynamic world of live music and lifestyle. My company oversees various brands, ranging from the innovative Timbre+ Food Parks and Hawker Centres to various bar/restaurant/hawker concepts, the Timbre Music Academy, and an artist/event management agency. In my role, I am recognized for injecting innovation into the F&B and place-making landscape, utilizing technology to enhance customer experiences and boost productivity. Despite my executive responsibilities, I am also a committed musician who continues to share the stage with legendary artists such as Bob Dylan, Robert Plant, Paul Simon, and John Legend. My passion extends beyond personal musical pursuits to fervently advocating for local bands, musicians, and culinary talents within the F&B industry."

What were some of your professional highlights for 2023?
In 2023, I was honored to be associated with a dynamic team bestowed with the “Corporate Excellence Award” at the Mentoring SG Summit, a pleasant and unexpected recognition for our steadfast commitment during a challenging year marked by economic uncertainties. We remained dedicated to our core values throughout this period, emphasizing a positive societal impact and actively contributing to our community.

Another notable achievement was the successful launch of the Tribute Fest, a unique event harkening back to our roots as the founders of Beerfest Asia. This initiative celebrated our heritage and strategically engaged both internal and external venues. Amidst the unpredictable economic landscape, our focus on fostering connections with our customers through innovative and meaningful events stood out as a key highlight.

What strategies do you have in place for the new year so far?
Approaching the upcoming year with a careful yet adventurous outlook, the focus will be on predicting and securing stability within the company. Emphasis will be placed on maintaining a healthy cash flow and fostering a cohesive team dynamic. The goal is to establish robust internal alignment, ensuring the company remains relevant and positioned at the forefront of F&B lifestyle entertainment and placemaking. The strategy involves a cautious approach to decision-making while embracing a spirit of adventure to successfully navigate the evolving landscape.

Where do you think your industry is headed in the coming year? What steps are you taking to ensure a smooth and favorable journey?
Returning to basics. Our primary focus is on keeping our customers entertained and highlighting the company's unique selling proposition. This involves delivering high-quality live music, curating diverse food stalls and partnerships, and offering lifestyle entertainment to draw in foot traffic. The firm conviction is that this formula will prove effective consistently, irrespective of economic conditions.

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What is your professional New Year’s resolution?
Emphasize the importance of cultivating a strong team, as success hinges on effective teamwork. Prioritizing the well-being and contentment of every team member and fostering a positive work environment. As a leader, strive to be composed, just, and resolute, recognizing the challenges the current economic climate poses.

And your personal?
Place greater emphasis on health – both physical and mental. I will need to focus on both parts to have the adequate energy to lead the company into 2024 and beyond and execute a collective growth mindset through the team.

Working hard or smart – which side are you on and why?
Both aspects are essential, but for me, working smart holds more significance. Emphasize using data for making sharper decisions, an area where Timbre has been making notable improvements. Strive for a less emotional and more rational data-driven approach overall.