Up Your Game: Herman Miller Introduces the Ultimate Gaming Chair

Special feature by XTRA
30 Aug 2023

Immerse yourself in the world of gaming and eSports – in absolute comfort, of course – with the ergonomic Embody Gaming Chair.

Herman Miller has been making waves in the world of seating ergonomics for avid gamers, streamers, and eSports athletes for three years now. Last year, the brand launched a series of high-performance gaming furniture and accessories, with a particular standout – the Embody Gaming Chair, which is the industry’s first truly ergonomic chair.

Herman Miller also spent nearly two years studying eSport pros and players all over the world to try and understand their unique needs.

According to research, a typical eSports athlete and streamer are seated at their desk upward of three times as long as a typical office worker. A large number of gamers expressed widespread dissatisfaction with the comfort and ergonomics provided from traditional gaming chairs, as there is a significant decline in performance due to the physical challenges that come from repetitive motion injuries.

Through the insights gathered, the Embody Gaming Chair was modified and now sets a new standard of gaming ergonomic solution with pressure distribution, natural alignment, and healthy movement support.

What’s more, additional enhancements can be found in the cooling foam with copper-infused particles that support ideal gaming posture and reduces heat build-up caused from sitting on thick cushions for extended periods. There is also the addition of pixelated support, which distributes weight evenly to reduce pressure while encouraging movement.

“We know [gaming is] a passion for many people,” shares Jon Campbell, Director of Gaming at Herman Miller. “Whether it’s something they do as a hobby, a means of connecting with friends, or as a full-fledged career, having the option to elevate the quality of their setups with top of the line furniture products is a huge win.”

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