What's In My Portfolio: Andrew Pang

26 Mar 2024

Andrew Pang is the founder of Bar Spectre and Regional Brand Ambassador for Beam Suntory

“I am the owner of Bar Spectre – a mental wellness- and apothecary-themed cocktail bar in Tanjong Pagar, which sits alongside some of the best cocktail bars in Singapore.

As the world’s first mental wellness-themed bar, we invite guests to explore authentic connection and mindful presence through craft cocktails and locally-inspired bar bites. Each cocktail comes with either a simple therapy technique, community building activity, or wellness talking point. With my background in psychology and role as regional brand ambassador for Beam Suntory, it was not difficult for me to marry what I’ve learned in university with storytelling and working with some of the best brands in the market.

At Bar Spectre, our pillars include mental wellness, community, and authentic hospitality. For the mental wellness pillar, we have a program called ‘Spectre Spirit Support’ and have secured 70 free hours of therapy with a local therapist. The aim is to lower the barrier to meet and speak with a professional. I’ve tried a session myself and just through a simple conversation, the therapist gave me a couple of exercises in mindfulness to help me practice more emotional control and authenticity.

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We also have various community activities planned, which include:

  • Sharing sessions called ‘Death in the afternoon’. The program is inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s book about Spanish bullfighting and the cocktail of the same name. Guests talk about their experiences with death and regret over food and drink, with an aim of increasing awareness on the gravity of the topic, which in turn helps people value life more.

  • Each member of the Bar Spectre team nominates three charities or causes they’d like to champion. The top charities/causes are shared with our guests who get to vote for the charity that will be supported for the quarter. Guests are then invited to join the team to help with community work for the chosen charity.
  • For the authentic hospitality pillar, the bar team take turns cooking staff meal. Hospitality begins at home and this initiative not only builds on that, but also showcases the individual’s creativity and allows them to expand their knowledge on cooking techniques and flavor profiles.

Through the workshops, community sessions, and best practices that we are putting together, we hope to influence systemic changes at policy level and build resilience in those working in our industry.”