What’s In My Portfolio: Diana Ser

by Diana Ser, Photography by Chino Sardea and J R Tu
26 Nov 2018

To celebrate the Lunar New Year ‘Year of the Dog’ this year, Ms. Ser invited her followers to a dog farm for an immersive ‘only Mandarin’ celebration

I’ve been interested in Mandarin from a very young age, and when I was 13 years old, I was lucky to attend a Special Assistance Plan School. In Singapore, that means I studied both English and Chinese, my mother tongue, as my first languages. Being bi-cultural and bi-lingual has helped me to form my own identity as I grew up, as it helps me guide my children today.

Professionally, being bilingual has brought me many opportunities, and with China rising as an economic power, it makes more sense than ever to keep improving my proficiency in the Chinese language. When I'm driving, for example, I listen to podcasts from China or the news on the local Chinese radio station.

In November 2016, I launched my website,, to bring together a community of parents with young children who are committed to nurturing bilingualism from a very young age. After six months of managing the website, I realized that as a ‘one-woman-show’ social (media) is much faster to deliver content and engage my followers. If I find out about a Chinese reading program even at the last minute, I'm still able to share it on social media, and urge parents to bring their children over. On Instagram and Facebook people follow my page, Crazy About Chinese.

I also accept invitations to speak in schools or at ‘Speak Mandarin’ campaign events, trying to encourage parents that although it's tough, they should never give up.

What keeps me going? My husband calls this my very expensive hobby, but I call it my national service – that’s how I was brought up by my Chinese school.

Shot on location at Montblanc Boutique, Raffles City Shopping Centre. Ms. Ser is wearing Montblanc Boheme Automatic Date watch, and Montblanc Boheme Moongarden Earrings with Akoya pearls. Writing Instrument: Montblanc Augmented Paper Set. Ms. Ser is a Friend of Montblanc.