What's In My Portfolio: Edward Tan

Photo courtesy of Hong Seh Group
16 May 2017

Executive Director Edward Tan is helping diversify the Hong Seh Group portfolio with the development of Hong Seh Marine

Over the years, my portfolio has grown and evolved through trials and tribulations and the key thoughts that prevailed over time are: 1) There is no substitute to hard work; 2) one never stops learning – one only decides not to learn anymore; and most importantly, 3) you work hard and play hard.

Hong Seh started out selling fishnets, nails, and hammers a long time ago. As things evolved, much like Singapore’s ever-changing society, we also moved forward and started chemical trading, followed by car rentals, and the Ferrari and Maserati car dealerships. We have also further expanded to include the Ferretti Group, where we represent the best in marine luxury, as well as their security and defense line.

In order to diversify our portfolio further, we plan to develop Hong Seh Marine, through the brands under the Ferretti Group, such as the Riva, Pershing, and Ferretti yachts. By doing so, I am sure that we will learn a lot, and it will push us further to achieve our goals.

We are proud of what we have achieved, especially when it comes to bringing in brands that are recognized and sought after by many. We also believe that our customers play an important role in our success and we will endeavor to provide the best service possible to forge stronger relationships beyond the business. After all, friends and family are the ties that bind.