What's In My Portfolio: Franklin Tang

18 Jan 2021

Franklin Tang is the Founder and CEO of Habitap

"Habitap is Asia’s first fully integrated smart living platform that combines smart home control, community management, and lifestyle offerings for modern smart living. Harnessing Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and Internet-of-Things (IoT), we aim to create better living, greater convenience, and efficiency for commercial and residential spaces.

In the last four years, we have seen the uptake of our technology in residential and commercial building projects. This year, we launched two offerings – Tap Residential and Tap Commercial, which offer users a “lite” version while still retaining the core functionality of our Habitap flagship app. Tap Residential aims to bring the essential features of modern luxury living to homes and condominium developments, such as facilities booking with real-time updates and control of smart products and appliances in their homes. Meanwhile, Tap Commercial provides quick deployment of digital access management for commercial buildings.

I am proud of what the entire Habitap team has achieved. We took an idea, made it a vision, and we worked hard at it for the last five years to create an entirely new segment in the real estate industry.

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In terms of market awareness, we are seen to be the leading brand. We have in excess 8,000 smart homes and manage more than 10 million sqft of commercial spaces. Our user base is just slightly under 100,000 and growing each year. We also just started our office in Indonesia and the Philippines, with Vietnam and China on the way. We are rapidly expanding our talent pool and it’s really exciting to grow our vision together.

Habitap 1.0 was about putting the platform in place, giving users a seamless experience to control and access devices and various services. Habitap 2.0 will be focusing on enhancing and augmenting that seamless user experience with the use of artificial intelligence and data."