What's In My Portfolio: Gerti Iwatake

Photography by Chino Sardea
Videography by JR Tu
08 Nov 2019

I am the managing director of our family trading company, which was established in Singapore in 1981. In the last 15 years, I have also focused on charities and raising awareness for a variety of causes.

I’ve always been passionate about animal welfare and have tried to play a small part in some local programs, and I have decided to dedicate more time to this cause. In December 2017, I started the annual Tux for Tails Gala, which I chair.

Our inaugural gala was aimed at raising funds for the establishment of a clinic with full medical equipment. We founded a Community Animal Clinic for the well-being of shelter and community animals in Singapore. We continue to raise funds to run the clinic and maintain the staff so that they can provide services to animals who would otherwise have no access to treatment.

The Community Animal Clinic is under the umbrella of the SPCA. It is located on their premises, but it is created for all shelter and community animals in Singapore. In June this year, we hosted the official opening of our Community Animal Clinic with Minister Desmond Lee (Minister for Social and Family Development & Second Minister for National Development) as our guest-of-honor.

We now intend to hold Tux for Tails Gala every year. Through the next Gala, on May 16, 2020, we hope to raise SGD600,000 for the ongoing running costs of the clinic. The Community Animal Clinic will go a long way in providing medical care for shelter and community animals in Singapore.

There is still so much suffering and cruelty towards animals worldwide; I try to bring awareness to this on social media and help sign petitions or send donations to other animal welfare and advocacy groups around the world.

My ultimate wish is for humankind to respect all living creatures. Trophy hunting, specifically endangered animals, eating cats and dogs, and the horrific treatment and of farm animals in the production of our food are areas where I wish we could collectively campaign for changes.