What's In My Portfolio: Graham Pullen

Interview by Marc Almagro
02 Sep 2020

Postgres regional vice president Graham Pullen shares how the open-source database could easily help innovate and accelerate team processes.

EnterpriseDB delivers enterprise-class software, services, and support to ensure that teams realize the full potential of the open-source database, Postgres. We care deeply about Postgres, not just as a technology but as an accelerator for teams who are struggling to innovate and go faster. Our software pushes Postgres further through enhanced management tools, along with security and compatibility features.

In Southeast Asia, EnterpriseDB and its business partners license its open source-based data management platform (24/7 fully supported Enterprise Postgres and Advanced Postgres Server products) plus EDB professional services.

We are seeing more people try Postgres and consume our free training, but with the remote work model, it has become more challenging to engage with them live. Given our sales cycles, it is difficult to assess the full impact of the lockdown on our business. We hear, anecdotally, that in this down economy, more companies are looking to open source as a way to manage costs while still meeting business objectives.

As the economy reopens gradually, EnterpriseDB will remain intensely focused on the safety and wellbeing of its employees. Our teams and partners have worked hard to stay engaged with our customers and ensure business continuity stays in place. Business discussions continue to be very active with all of our customers and prospects. When it is safe to do so, we will all enjoy face-to-face meetings again.

Our plan as always is to remain focused on the needs and support of our customers as they ramp up their productivity. Many have taken the opportunity to investigate new ways of reducing costs within their current expensive DB stacks, and we are excited to be able to engage on several large migration projects.

While highly respectful of the changes our clients are making to their operational environments, as restrictions are starting to lift, EnterpriseDB is exploring ramping its Singapore hiring to support the new needs it has seen emerge in the past months.